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What You Should Know

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The Accu-measure is actually a body fat caliper. A body fat caliper measures the body fat on any given individual to assess their BMI (Body Mass Index). Your BMI determines whether or not you are at a healthy weight, overweight, or obese. This is a widely used system of determining how healthy any person is.

Accumeasure is a company that sells the calipers and claims to the best accuracy around. Recommended by Bill Phillips who created the exercise system, Body For Life, these calipers are among the best selling in the world.


There are no ingredient s for this product as they are not food based.

Product Features

There are 4 different fat-calipers in the Accu-Measure line. They are as follows:

Accu-Measure Fitness 3000: This caliper is endorsed by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation and by Bill Phillips, the creator of Body For Life. Use this in the privacy of your own home and use instead of a scale.

Accu-Measure Premium/Private Label:This can be an added value by ordering more than one at a time for bulk distribution. This one is smaller and comes with less for easier portability.

Fat Track Gold:This is a digital caliper, so you don’t have to do any figuring out on your own. This also comes with a body tape measure and a user manual. You don’t have to interpret or figure out any of your measurements through a chart. All the math is done with the digital display.

FitKid Caliper:This caliper comes with directions for use, pictures for guides, suggestions for activities for children, and accuracy checks on how to measure your child correctly.

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  • easy access and privacy are a must. This product gives you both.
  • you can order directly online, although not directly through Accu-Measure themselves.
  • These are trusted by many, many health professionals as being far more accurate than a scale.


  • You cannot order a caliper through Accu-Measure themselves.
  • This is only a guage of fat percentage on your body. Unless bought with an exercise program, there aren’t any tips for you to lose weight, with the exception of the FitKid Caliper.
  • It’s possible that those with little or no experience in fat measuring may gauge too little or too much fat and have inaccurate results.


We are for the products in the health and wellness industry that are more accurate and ideal for people’s weight loss goals. The fat caliper is a great alternative to a scale and is widely used by professionals. However, you may want to leave the measuring to the pros and get yourself on a good program of supplementation, exercise and healthy eating as well.

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