Accufitness Pedometer Review

Editor's Review: 3.9 / 5.0

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The Accufitness Pedometer is an electronic pedometer manufactured by Accufitness. This pedometer can be used by walkers, hikers and joggers alike. This pedometer is boasted to out-shine its Accufitness predecessors because it is the most developed. The Accufitness Pedometer can be used by both men and women of almost all fitness levels. Users are encouraged to diet and exercise, in conjunction with this product, for maximum results.

Product Features

The Accufitness Pedometer displays the distance traveled, steps taken and the calories burned for however long the user chooses. This product has a flip case design and large electronic display for easy readability. The Accufitness Pedometer measures the distance and stride in both miles and kilometers. This product features individual stride adjustment and KM or MILE selections. This pedometer has automatic built-in sensitivity adjustment and distance measured to 1/100 of a mile, steps to 10,000. The Accufitness Pedometer also has push button mode and selection buttons. This pedometer provides the time of day and it also has a seven-day memory so that the user can track their results and log their progress. The Accufitness Pedometer also “has a scan feature that cycles through all pertinent information at the push of a button”. This product also encourages users to start developing a healthy eating plan as well as a strength training routine to achieve their desired weight and fitness level. This pedometer also includes advice on beginning a walking program and what to incorporate into that program in order to get on the right track to weight loss and fitness. The Accufitness Pedometer promises users that it is easy to use and that they will enjoy using the product.

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  • The Accufitness Pedometer features push button mode and selection buttons.
  • This product can be used by men and women of almost all fitness levels.
  • This product is easy to use and comes with simple instructions.
  • The Accufitness Pedometer has individual stride adjustment.
  • This product has a large electronic display.
  • The Accufitness Pedometer is inexpensive compared to similar products.
  • This pedometer offers a walking plan for those who are just getting started.


  • The Accufitness Pedometer needs a diet and exercise program to work effectively.
  • This is more of an exercise aid than an actual weight loss solution or plan.
  • The Accufitness Pedometer is not made of sturdy materials so it may break easily if dropped.
  • No real plan is suggested by the manufacturers for use with the Accufitness Pedometer.


If you’re in the market for a pedometer, then the Accufitness Pedometer seems to be a solid product from a reliable manufacturer. However, the only reason to buy a pedometer is to help track you current exercise program, which not all readers may have in place already. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using the Accufitness Pedometer is right for them.

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