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Ace Your Health is a book by Theresa Albert that offers advice on how to “stack your deck” for better health. The book uses the analogy of a card deck to explain 52 simple life changes to achieve over 52 weeks in the year. Each card represents a different change that can help the reader improve general health, decrease the risk of cancer and lose weight. There is very little information about the book on the official Random House website. The book sells for $24.99, which is a typical price for a self-help book.

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Self-help book on small life changes for better health.

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Many dieters fight with making huge changes for weight loss. According to Ace Your Health by Theresa Albert, all it takes is 52 small changes to improve health. Each “card” in the deck represents one week in a year. At the beginning of each week, the reader “plays” another card. The changes are compounding so the reader must maintain the changes from the previous week or weeks and add the new changes to daily life to achieve weight loss and better health.

There are four parts to the plan set in place by Ace Your Health. Each part represents a new set of changes. Part I focuses on weight loss and changing food habits. Chapters in Part I talk about changing eating habits, reading labels and choosing the right foods for better health. Part II introduces exercise and includes more information on foods, including meats, alcohol and life balance with food and exercise. Part III moves on to fighting the risk of cancer. Grains, superfoods and spices are examined. By Part IV, the book includes vitamins and supplements, stress maintenance and holiday control.

There are a million self-help books on the market today. Readers must read the book and adopt the changes in order to achieve the listed goals. This is the case with any diet and weight loss plan out there. Reading a plan and keeping on track while following the plan are two different things. Will power could be a problem even with a plan of small changes like the ones depicted in Ace Your Health. There also seems to be a bit of disorganization with the plan. Why vitamins and supplements are not introduced until Part IV is a bit of a mystery.

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  • The book is available for sale online.
  • Small changes are often easy to accept.


  • The reader must have willpower to follow the guidelines.


Ace Your Health is just another book filled with advice on the best ways to achieve a healthier life and weight loss. There is nothing spectacular about the changes, just the fact that they are presented in small, manageable bits.

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