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If you are in the market for a weight loss product or program, get ready to be bombarded with options. At this point, you can choose from eBooks, fitness DVDs, over-the-counter supplements, prescription diet pills, energy drinks, powder formulas, and diet books. Most of these weight loss products can be found online. Among the vast selection of books, you will find The Acid Alkaline Diet. This is a text that was written by Christopher Vasey and Jon Graham. It can be purchased through dealers like Amazon for around $11. According to the authors, this diet book assists you with restoring your health.


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Product Features

The Acid Alkaline Diet is basically focused on creating a healthy pH balance in your diet. This in turn can help with improving your overall health. For instance, if you are burdened by obesity, lack of energy, hair loss, arthritis, ulcers, or depression, this diet plan can potentially reduce or get rid of these conditions. Processed foods are a key cause of these problems, according to The Acid Alkaline Diet book. These unhealthy foods can also lead to skin irritations, back pain, and even chronic fatigue.

The length of this book is 208 pages. The primary focuses are internal cleansing, detoxification, proper hydration, and reducing acid levels to restore a healthy balance. There are no dietary supplements involved with The Acid Alkaline Diet plan. There are no specific exercises involved with this weight loss method either. If you take a look at websites like Amazon, you will find a variety of customer reviews pertaining to this book. While some support this text, others do not.

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  • A healthier way of eating is encouraged in The Acid Alkaline Diet book.
  • This text might help you with reducing fatigue and hair loss.
  • This book is suitable for women and men alike.


  • There are no convenient supplements involved with this diet book.
  • Some of the customer feedback regarding this book is negative.
  • There are countless other weight loss books available today.
  • The Acid Alkaline Diet is not supported by any real research.
  • No fitness regimen is recommended with this text.


Firstly, you must consider whether or not you are interested in reading a diet book in order to get started with weight reduction and management. Some dieters prefer a more simplified and convenient dietary supplement that burns off fat and suppresses appetite. While The Acid Alkaline Diet may help with some health conditions like arthritis, chronic fatigue, skin irritations, and back pain, it is unclear how well it actually helps with fat reduction. Therefore we do not recommend this diet book, and encourage you to check out other products for weight loss.

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