Acid_Ash Diet Review

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Acid-Ash Diet

What You Should Know

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The acid-ash diet is comprised of meat, fish, eggs, and cereal with little fruits and vegetables and very limited milk or cheese. However, cottage cheese and cheddar cheese are known for producing the acid ash effect.

The acid-ash diet would be recommended for people who need a low phosphorus diet. People need this kind of diet to eliminate or help in the prevention of kidney stones, the treatment of certain types of edema, and the prevention or treatment of certain types of urinary tract infections.The idea is to made the body more acid based, which in turn, increases the acidity of the urine so that alkaline solutions will remain in the solution.


A diet consisting mainly of meat, fish, eggs and cereals with little fruits and vegetables.

Product Features

This is a type of eating lifestyle, not a product. Although you can use this type of eating as a producer of certain effects, such as the change in your body’s pH to create favorable conditions for certain conditions to present themselves or for other conditions to subside.

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  • Simple lifestyle changes. Eliminate certain foods, increase others.
  • no need for medication for treatment of certain ailments if the acid ash diet is successful.


  • the limited access your body will have to fresh fruits and vegetables could be counterproductive to weight loss.
  • this diet is not prescribed for weight loss. It’s prescribed for certain conditions.
  • while all foods should be eaten in moderation, there’s no specific guidelines listed that would keep the amount of fat down from the meat sources.
  • Conclusion

    Although this diet would be successful in the treatment of certain ailments, we do not recommend it for weight loss or to start this prescribed way of eating without a doctor’s supervision. The Acid-Ash diet claims no responsibility for weight loss or something that you can do long term without side-effects. In fact, with the large consumption of meat, someone could actually gain weight if they weren’t paying attention to portion control. All in all, the benefits of this diet are more about helping with the overall health of an individual suffering from ailments such as kidney stones, edema, or urinary tract infections. If you are searching for a diet for weight-loss you are much better served choosing a diet that consists of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and lean proteins…things that are found in a large diverse selection of foods that include fruits and vegetables in larger quantities than this diet could ever allow. However, if you are someone who suffers with these conditions, it could be worth mentioning to your physician or nutritionist as a way of helping out.

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