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The Acid Reflux Diet is a book containing recipes and information to help people find out if they are suffering from acid reflux. It is not a diet for weight loss, but rather a diet to help you lessen the symptoms of the condition. If you have weight to lose though, you may experience some weight loss because many of the recipes are healthy for you. Take a look at this review to determine if you should purchase the book to help you combat acid reflux or use it as a weight loss aid.

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The Acid Reflux Diet provides a list of foods you should avoid if you suffer from acid reflux disease. You learn more about why certain foods triggers symptoms, and then you learn how to use your diet to lessen the frequency of symptoms. Following this diet will not cure the condition, but it will improve it if done correctly. While there are no exercise recommendations for this diet, it is said that people who suffer from acid reflux should not exercise with a full stomach. Foods to avoid on the acid reflux diet include: soda, chocolate, cream based sauces, hot sauce, deep fried foods, coffee, alcohol, tea, mint, citrus juices, and peanut butter. To begin the program and detox, you should avoid foods with a pH higher than five, which also includes the majority of fruits, yogurt, onions, mustard, and pickles.

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  • The Acid Reflux Diet contains 75 recipes, all created by a professional chef with nutriton in mind.
  • This program can help you treat acid reflux without pharmaceutical treatments.


  • The Acid Reflux Diet does not promote exercise.
  • There is a long list of foods you must avoid, and when you first start the diet, the list is longer.
  • Though there are recipes in the book, some of them contain foods from the list of foods you are supposed to avoid.
  • This diet promotes eating a lot of fish known for high mercury levels.
  • To follow this diet as it is recommended, you may be spending more time in the kitchen.
  • This diet is not specifically targeted at weight loss.


The Acid Reflux Diet while not specifically targeted at weight loss, may help you lose weight because the recipes focus on heart healthy, low saturated fat, nutritional balance. If you are trying to lose weight, this diet will not likely help you, unless you are dealing with acid reflux already, but then you can just avoid the foods using another meal plan and exercise routine. For best results, it is ideal to follow a nutritionally balanced diet, with regular exercise, and use a clinically proven weight loss supplement that contains either a fat burner, an appetite suppressant, or a combination of the two.

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