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Acidophilus is a type of naturally-occurring bacteria in the digestive system which is believed to help regulate digestion and prevent digestion-related issues such as diarrhea or constipation. Acidophilus also occurs naturally in bacteria-rich food such as yogurt, the Korean dish kimchee, and sauerkraut. Only recently has Acidophilus been recognized for its documented benefits due to an ad campaign by a yogurt company which has lead other companies, including diet companies, into making claims such as rapid weight loss with this ingredient. This ad campaign is essentially responsible for the development of the Acidophilus dietary supplement. Although you can buy this in health food stores, nutritionists recommend receiving it from a natural source for easy digestion, such as consuming Acidophilus-fortified yogurt or buying kimchee at an oriental market.

Acidophilus is highly recognized as a good bacteria with numerous digestible benefits, but diet companies are now claiming it can help you lose weight. Although there is not sufficient evidence proving their claims, eating Acidophilus-rich products may actually benefit your diet.


Acidophilus is a bacteria that naturally occurs in the body, but is also found in fermented food such as kimchee and sauerkraut. It is also an additive in yogurt.

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Acidophilus plays an important role in the digestion system and is shown to act as a protective barrier against harmful bacteria, toxins, and other threats to the digestion system. It is also shown to help produce chemicals which aid in digestion. Acidophilus may be lacking in dieters and otherwise healthy people. For those suffering from digestion issues, Acidophilus is sometimes prescribed by a physician. There is plenty of evidence showing it does provide a substantial benefit, and better yet, it has no side effects.

Recently, however, diet companies claimed it could make dieters lose weight quickly. While easing digestion may help regulate the body and prevent constipation and diarrhea, there has been no evidence showing that it can help dieters lose weight. It does play an important role in any healthy diet however, regardless if the person is dieting or not.

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  • Is shown to help improve the digestion process.
  • Naturally occurs in most fermented food, such as kimchee and yogurt.


  • Is not shown to stimulate weight loss.
  • It is better to consume this bacteria in its natural form instead of taking a supplement.
  • Is only proven to decrease symptoms related to digestion such as diarrhea and constipation.


Acidophilus may serve an important role in digestion, but there are no substantial dietary benefits with this bacteria itself. For dieters suffering from digestion-related issues however, it may lessen some of those issues, but it is best to speak with a physician before adding this bacteria to your normal diet.

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  • 1

    I can’t imagine it makes a person gain weight if you are dieting at the same time. It is suppose to be good for your gut. I know one thing, I had an inflamed stomach and it is now gone after I took audiophiles. I took the liquid kind from the health food store.


  • 2

    i was the same. I started taking a supplement and I gained around 10lb which I have struggled to lose. Wish I had never bothered! Only thing I did different. I questioned I myself too but I agree with others, it is the culprit. Shame, ad I felt better on it. Just fatter!


  • 3

    Yes depending on the person – I do not have any bowel or digestion problems and added this to my diet to keep good things going but gained 10 in one month (note I exercise everyday and no increase in calorie intake) So I guess if you do not have gut or bowel issues and or if you are not on an antibiotic – I recommend you do not take. Now I have to double up my treadmill routine.


  • 4

    Does this program help at all with copd, I have quit smnikog over a year ago. no other health problem really, except difficutly eating due to them messing my bite up a few years ago, tmj.Thank you, not on o2 but on nebulizer treatments.


  • 5

    Had IBS pretty bad.Lost weight down to 160 (from 170).Took probiotics….cured the IBS but gained 20 lbs.Struggling to lose weight though I exercise plenty and eat healthy.May have to stop the acidophilus and see what happends.Been about 4 years.


  • 6

    have taken for 7 days, have a blotted felling & nausea


    Your Name

    I think it accentuates acid reflux for some of us.


  • 7

    Hmm, i’d believe it causes weight gain in some people b/c we all respond differently to things. I took some quality probiotics (w/acidiphilus and other strains) for about a month and a half and somehow gained almost 10 lbs! Incredible considering I was tracking every morsel that passed my lips (I definitely wasn’t overheating) and working out for at least an hour a day ! My theory is that they must’ve improved my digestion to the point where my stomach managed to somehow collect and absorb every freaking calorie that entered my stomach! Its the only explanation I have cause I know I should’ve been losing weight and furthermore, as soon as I quit taking the probiotics and did a course of antibiotics (for a totally unrelated reason) i suddenly lost weight rapidly–as if all my hard work suddenly started to kick in! I guess not all of us need all that bacteria brewing in our belly. It certainly got a little too “friendly” for my tastes.


  • 8

    How can it possibly cause weight gain, I have been dieting and exercising, using my acidophilus and lost 5 pounds so far



    yeah! so about the weight gain!.. I’ve been taking the acidophilus pills and so far I’ve lost 4 lbs in one week. Not sure I buy into the whole bit of weight gain!


  • 9
    charlene dean

    does acidophilus cause weight gain?



    Yes it causes rapid weight gain and once the pounds are packed they’re very hard to lose.



    how does it make you gain weight where did you get your ionformation



    I’m pretty sure this person is just trolling.



    Not everyone loses weight. Everyone is different. My husband and I have gained weight. We have always been thin. We have never gained weight until probiotics. Do your research…not everyone loses like you have.



    I started taking acidophilus for my digestion problem and irregular bowel movements for about a year now, I’ve lost about 11 lbs..


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