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The Acne Diet isn’t a formal plan. Rather, it is an idea and a collection of people’s experiences with certain foods and how it relates to acne. The old adage that pizza and chocolate caused zits was once dismissed as an old wives tale, but modern medicine has brought back the theory, linking foods high in the Glycemic Index to pimple count. Many doctors say that your skin is the reflection of your general health, and therefore, you should eat well to expect good skin. Choosing the right foods and avoiding the bad ones may just be better than dialing up miracle creams on telemarketing channels.

On the other hand, this diet is not backed-up with clinical studies, research or any professional team. The foods that are supposed to be avoided are vital for one’s health, like diary. Some professionals think that Acne Diet is not a well-balanced diet and may lead to some deficit on important nutrients.

List of Ingredients

Non-processed foods, including whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; water.

Product Features

Foods discouraged in The Acne Diet include sweets, sugar, and chocolate; dairy; salmon; caffeine, and anything high on the Glycemic Index, including bread and soda. The Acne Diet urges people to eat fruits, especially citrus fruits, red meat, and those rich in zinc to clear out your skin. The most recent incarnation of the diet stems from a study published in 2007 by Australian scientists that studied two groups of acne-plagued men, ages 15 to 25. The group that ate their typical high-glucose diet had significantly more pimples than the group that switched to healthier foods.

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  • The Acne Diet can be implemented fairly cheaply.


  • You may have to stop eating some of your favorite foods on this diet.
  • Technically, this program wasn’t created to help you lose weight.


The Acne Diet has a lot of potential to help you get rid of unwanted pimples and keep them from returning but we don’t think you will lose much weight on this diet. It may help dieters improve their overall health by including whole grains and eliminating high sugar foods. However, if you are looking to lose a significant amount of weight, this diet might not be for you.

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    Lindsey John

    I’m on medication for acne (treatment)the dermatologist said it’s going well but I want an-every-day diet about my skin to look healthier and clearer like my breakfast, lumch,and dinner and could you please list the foods that I should avoid? Thank you!