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ActiGraph is a company that makes a variety of physical activity monitors, suitable for use no matter what type of activity you are doing, or how old you are. A monitor from ActiGraph can help you keep better track of what your exercise is doing, to make sure you are getting enough of it to help reach your weight loss goals. Read this review to find out more about the products this company offers and how to make sure they can add value to your exercise routine.

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ActiGraph offers several different models to choose from, including: GT3X+, GT3X, ActiTrainer, and ActiSleep. All of these devices make use of the ActiLife, data analysis software. The devices are quite pricey, with the GT3X+ model having 512 MB of memory compared to the GT3X model which only contains 16MB of memory. Expect to spend $699 for the GT3X+, and $299 for the GT3X. These are designed to track a lot of information about your activity, even you incline and position. We do not recommend using these products with a USB hub, because it can disrupt or even cause the device to quit working. Plug it directly into your USB port on your computer. The Sleep Monitor is $299.00, but can help you see the times of the night you are getting the best quality of sleep, so you can adjust your sleep patterns accordingly. Getting enough exercise is an important part of weight loss, that many people do not consider to the extent they really need to.

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  • ActiGraph products can help you see how much exercise you are really doing.


  • ActiGraph products are very expensive.
  • These products don’t really give you any exercise advice.
  • These products do not mention diet.
  • For it to be most effective, you will have to wear the device at all waking times, unless you opt for the sleep monitor, which has nothing to do with tracking your exercise.


ActiGraph monitors are helpful for doctors and gym professionals, who want to help their patients and clients see progress with their exercise routines. If you get this to track your routine, you will need to have a good idea of the kinds of exercise you need to be doing to help reach your goals, so it is recommended you see a doctor or a personal trainer before getting started. As this product offers no dietary advice, we also recommend you speak to your doctor or a nutritionist about the type of diet you should follow to help support your diet and weight loss goals. For additional support, add a clinically proven safe and effective appetite suppressant or fat burner to your daily routine.

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