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Action Labs is a brand name that has many different supplements but focuses generally on men’s and women’s health for weight loss, active lifestyle, and herbal supplementation. They are sold in many popular herbal places such as Vitamin Shoppe.

Action Labs was created over 10 years ago, although it does not give a specific year. Action labs claims great pride in packaging advantages, easy label reading, and potency guarantees. Action Labs is a branch of Neutraceutical, a grouping of several different companies that came together in 1993 to compete in the supplement industry. Neutraceutical markets and manufactures many different brands of supplements for people and pets.

List of Ingredients

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Product Details

Action labs was originally founded in New York, but we don’t have information on whether or not it was started or acquired by Neutraceutical at some point. There was also no information about whether or not you could receive trial offers, free gifts, or introductory offers as a new client.

Action labs claims to have over 60 supplements in their line, but when searching the catalog we only found 38. Since it would be lengthy and laborious to list all products and ingredients, we will focus on one for the purpose of this article.

,p>Super Fat Burners (Lipotropic Formula). 60-count. This product recommends taking 4 capsules daily, 30 minutes before meals.

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  • It was very easy to find action labs online.
  • All the products are listed on the website.
  • The website does list that all the products are to be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise.


  • You cannot order the Action Labs products from the website. It asks you to find a local health food store to purchase.
  • Not all of the products have a complete ingredients list, or any list at all.
  • It’s up to you as the consumer to know and research what all the ingredients in the formula are there for. This is not explained on the product or the description of the product.


Action labs appear to offer an extensive, if standard, range of diet supplements and pills. However, many of these products seem to be geared more towards the bodybuilding market than the weight loss market. All of Action Labs products come in standard packaging, whether they be the Yohimbe Power Max supplements or the Ginseng PowerMax 4X. Action Labs seem to want users to buy multiple products and construct a daily regimen of powders, serums and pills. We think that something simpler would probably be easier for the average dieter.

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