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One dietary supplement that is manufactured in the United Kingdom is Actislim. This diet product is stated to be a blend of vitamins, plant extracts, minerals, and natural herbs. Also known as Actislim Ultra, this supplement is offered to numerous countries all around the world. There is a club feature found on the official website that encourages people to join. Users are directed to take “two small capsules” per day in order to see weight loss results. A two-day trial pack of Actislim is offered, but not for free.

Unlike most diet pills currently available, Actislim capsules are sold in various doses. You can purchase a two-day trial, one-week supply, three-weeks supply, six-weeks supply or dual pack (day and night formula). There is additionally a “Night” formula of Actislim available. While there is no information really provided for the nighttime formula, it is assumed that this supplement is taken before bed. There is a convenient contact form and telephone number provided on the website for consumers and Actislim Ultra users. Unfortunately this diet product is not sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee (items must be unopened in order to be returned). The Actislim club involves a “personal diary,” forum, and “personal calculator” feature. These tools are supposed to help guide Actislim users and keep track of the weight loss results they see.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

The Actislim Ultra supplement is a diet capsule that is marketed toward both women and men that desire assistance with weight reduction. While it is not mandatory, the official website recommends that Actislim users embrace a healthy eating routine and regular exercise, in addition to taking the supplement itself. The only warnings posted for this supplement are that it may potentially upset the user’s regular sleep patterns, should not be taken by pregnant/nursing women, and should not be consumed by those afflicted with diabetes, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, or heart disease. While it does reveal on the website that Actislim Ultra contains a blend of vitamins, plant extracts, minerals, and natural herbs, there are no actual ingredients listed.

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  • Actislim Ultra can be easily purchased through the official website by virtually anyone, regardless of where they reside in the world.
  • This weight loss product comes in an easy-to-manage capsule form.


  • There are no success stories of any kind presented on the official website.
  • The money-back guarantee provided for Actislim Ultra only applies to products that were never opened or used.
  • No background information is provided about the company that manufactures Actislim.
  • None of the key ingredients for this weight loss supplement are posted on the website.


When it comes down to it, Actislim or Actislim Ultra is not marketed in the most effective way. Not only does the official website lack customer testimonials and product ingredients, but it additionally lacks a solid money-back guarantee, clinical trials, and any company background data. In short, you may want to do some serious shopping around prior to actually choosing a diet product such as Actislim.

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14 User Reviews about Actislim

  • 1

    started takin these two days ago and since last night have been experiencing really really sore eyes, headaches, dizziness, nausea and feeling faint. although on day 1 I lost 4lb so was well p0leased. im wondering r the side effects a withdrawel of sugar and processed food or a higher intake of caffine?. I have also started the gym this week and have been pushin myself to the limit so im wondering cud it also b that im burning myself out to quick. im goin to give it another few days and try to eat a well balanced meal to make wat calories im burning that way il know if its the tablets. they definitely suppress ur appetite and give u a lot of excess energy


  • 2

    OMG……..have been trying 4 ages to loose those few extra pounds, couldn’t get it right mentally, took a wee visit to trim tone and tan, purchased them 4 one week supply. Now on day 10, minus 13llbs, cant believe it….hope the next 13 goes off easier!!!!!!! Fingers crossed,xx


  • 3

    Although this product does take away your appetite, I have found the side affect of dizzyness, has anyone else found this? xx



    no i found alot of drieness in my mouth


  • 4

    Because your metaboliam has increased…faster metabolism, faster weight loss…I have used Actislim on and off over the years…I find I have more energy, feel happier and more inclined to keep active…at the same time; I feel less like eating cake amd sweets…The Platunum version is great to kick start an exercise regime and healthy eating plan…theningredients are natural and frankly it works!


  • 5

    These tablets are not good they raise your blood pressure and very bad migraine .. dizzy and makes your head rush and also makes you feel sick I would anyone that wants to take these tablets to be carefully cause there not good



    Because your metaboliam has increased…faster metabolism, faster weight loss…


  • 6

    i have only just started taking this product so cant comment on how and if it works. I was a little worried after reading it makes you feel more hungrey.



    i have took these on and off for a couple of years,ive started again today after having a baby,my pulse does race ,and just want to clean up and dance haha.ive managed weetabix and a yoguart up to now not hungry what so ever!!!


  • 7
    janet haynes

    i have used this product for ten days now and found that my appetite has increased dramatically why is this


  • 8
    nicola hewitson

    is actislim safe 2 take long term and has there ever been any side effects or health problems other than the ones stated?


    Jackie Fieldsend

    I have took Actislim on and off over 2yrs and have found that it takes the edge of hunger pangs, i have found when i have a break from them it works better,the instructions advise how long to take a break from them.



    I too have used this product on and off and always return to it when feeling a bit uncomfortable in clothes. It works every time for me. Have tried all the other on and over the counter stuff and it has NEVER had the same effect. I will be sticking with it. It really stops the hunger pangs.



    Yes it can raise your pulse and give you server panic attacks and all the weight you loose goes back on when you stop taking it