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There are some “weight loss” substances that have been banned in certain parts of the world. Ephedra and Ephedrine are examples of banned ingredients in the United States. Unfortunately these weight loss ingredients can lead to serious side effects. This is why they have been removed from most diet pills and over-the-counter supplements. While there are still some diet products that contain Ephedra, we do not recommend that you use them. Instead, you should focus on a weight loss supplement with proven fat loss ingredients, and no harmful side effects. We are going to help you learn more about Actislim Sida Cordifolia, which is one diet pill you will find online. It is available at varying prices, depending on the dealer.


  • Sida Cordifolia 1600mg

Product Features

Actislim Sida Cordifolia is claimed to help you achieve serious weight loss. It is a “natural” supplement formula that is sold through online stores. As for the safety of this diet pill, this is unclear. After all, a complete ingredient list for this product was not found. No user testimonials or success stories were found either. There is no daily exercise or healthy diet plan encouraged with Actislim Sida Cordifolia. Moreover, this dietary supplement is not sold with any kind of guarantee.

There is only one major ingredient mentioned for Actislim Sida Cordifolia, and it is Sida Cordifolia 1600 milligrams. This is essentially a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. No other ingredients are revealed for this supplement, but it likely contains hidden substances. After all, the ingredient mentioned does not aid with weight loss or weight management at all. Actislim Sida Cordifolia could contain various stimulants, or even ingredients like Ephedrine or Citrus Aurantium.

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  • This weight loss formula offers antioxidants to combat free radicals.
  • This product contains a potent anti-inflammatory.


  • There is no clear ingredient list found for Actislim Sida Cordifolia.
  • The core ingredient mentioned for this supplement does not aid with weight loss.
  • This diet pill might contain harmful ingredients like Ephedra or Ephedrine.
  • No clinical research is provided to support this dietary supplement.


After reviewing the information that was found on Actislim Sida Cordifolia, we feel that there is no reason to choose a product like this for serious weight loss. First of all, it is unclear what ingredients are used in this supplement. Only one of them is actually discussed. This diet pill could contain dangerous substances like Ephedrine, which can lead to major side effects. There are no proven appetite suppressants or fat burners mentioned for Actislim Sida Cordifolia at all. Furthermore, no user reviews or clinical trial data was presented to support this weight loss formula.

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    Sida Cordifolia is well know to be a cns stimulant this i would expect to encorage fat loss much in the same way amphetamines do. it is well know well documanted ane there is a wealth of info available just google it. who ever did your research didnt do it well!