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Active Wrap is a company founded in 1997 that offers a range of therapeutic thermal compression packs. They have customized products designed to offer heat or ice effects to feet and ankles, wrists, back, shoulders, knees, and elbows. The ActiveWrap slogan is “It’s Your Body…Take Care of It,” and their products are designed to help athletes manage the occasional sore or strained muscles that occur as a result of strenuous physical activity.

Since the company’s founding, their products have been well received by athletes from around the world. Their products target athletes of all levels, from individuals just beginning a comprehensive workout regimen, to professional athletes. For example, Active Wrap was the official therapy wrap of the Olympic gold medal-winning 2003-2004 USA Gymnastics Team. Active Wrap products are advertised as innovative; supporting that claim is the fact that many of their items are patented. All Active Wrap products carry the Physiquality seal of approval.

Product Features

The ActiveWrap line of products is designed to address the symptoms of arthritis, tendinitis, pre/post workout recovery, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, ankle sprains, RSI and carpal tunnel, and chronic back pain, as well as many other common exercise-related injuries. Their entire product line is made of medical-grade materials, including reusable gel-based heat/ice packs, active medical plush ™ fabric, and high quality nylon and lycra. The gel-based ice pack is reported to offer more comfort and flexibility than a traditional water-based ice pack.

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  • Available on manufacturers website, which has consumer testimonials.
  • Reusable heat/ice packs cut down on consumables expenses.
  • Drug and chemical free treatment.
  • Adjustability and range of sizes ensures comfort over a wide range of body types.


  • Treatment may not be as immediately effective as other forms of treatment.>
  • Wearing the wraps may be cumbersome and interfere with clothing and other activities.
  • Not available from a wide range of retailers, online or offline.


ActiveWrap products would make a good addition to the gym bag of any athlete that regularly uses heating or cooling compresses. They would form part of a balanced exercise regimen, and aid in recovery. However, like any treatment, ActiveWraps should not be used as a palliative to facilitate over-exertion. In addition, ActiveWraps can be used in conjunction with other treatments to treat chronic pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain. The wide variety of uses of Active Wraps combined with their reusability gives them a high value coefficient. Active Wraps are fully customizable to individual specifications; the company offers to work with clients to develop products specific to individual needs. However, despite this flexibility, the fact that Active Wrap products are difficult to locate for sale except on the official website, may make them hard to purchase for some.

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