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Activlite is marketed as a “natural daily cleanse” that flushes the body of toxins and other waste products with the added effect of curbing the user’s appetite. It is sold in a powder form that, once mixed with water, turns into a berry-flavored beverage. The product is advertised as an aid towards reaching weight-loss goals. However, the official website, as well as other discussions of the product, neglects to emphasize the other necessary components of any weight-loss plan, such as a healthy diet and adequate exercise. That said, advertising for ActivLite places primary emphasis on colon health and detoxification as its primary purpose, rather than weight loss. It is claimed that by reducing toxins in the body, Activlite can reduce discomforts like gas and bloating, as well as increase energy.

Product Features

While an official listing of ingredients is currently unavailable online from the manufacturer, ActivLite is reported to contain Acai berry, lemon, maple, cayenne, and several different types of fiber, including apple pectin, citrus pectin, vegetable, and oat. The Acai berry, lemon, maple, and cayenne are included for their reported cleansing properties. While many “detoxifying” ingredients are included, the effect is supposed to be balanced and “mild.” Additionally, ample dietary fiber has been shown to reduce the incidence of colon and colo-rectal cancer, and this product provides a substantial amount of fiber. In addition, ActivLite is reported to contain green tea extract, guarana seed, and Asian Ginseng, which are all thought to increase metabolism, or “fat-burning” potential.

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  • The combination of ingredients intended to cleanse, add fiber, and curb appetite can reduce the need for additional supplements.
  • ActivLite is offered in a powdered drink form, not awkward tablets.
  • Does not contain ephedra or other strong stimulants.


  • Not available for purchase online via the company’s official website; must call an 800 number. No free trial currently appears to be available.
  • Manufacturer’s website does not list the ingredients or recommended usage of the product.
  • Product does not emphasize the importance of a balanced approach to weight loss.


ActivLite might be a good option for consumers interested in losing weight through a daily cleansing approach. It may also be valuable for health-conscious individuals not interested in weight-loss per se, but rather simply maintaining the health of their digestive system.While there is nothing revolutionary or unique in the ingredients listed, the specific combination offered could reduce the need for additional supplements in some cases. However, ActivLite does not currently appear to be easily available for order online, and the lack of features like a free trial period or consumer testimonials on the official website might drive information-conscious consumers towards other products.

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2 User Reviews about Activlite

  • 1
    Cassie Davis

    Activ-Lite doesn’t list ingredients on website or on the container. I tried for 3 weeks and saw NO changes. After 3 days the berry flavor becomes almost toxic to even try to get down – pills would be better. I think this is a scam.


  • 2
    Dorothy Antunes

    I would like to cancel my subscription, how would i do that on line?