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There is more to weight loss than taking a fat burner, reducing calorie intake and exercising. Sometimes being overweight can cause extra pain on the joints after exercise. Joint support is crucial to maintaining your exercise program. Most fat burner concentrate on stimulants and appetite suppressants, not joint health. Actodin is a joint support supplement designed for both athletes and dieters. The ingredients are supposed to help your body naturally rebuild cartilage and improve range of motion while joints heal.

List of Ingredients


Natural Egg Shell Membrane:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Glucosamine Chondroitin
  • Collagen
  • Amino Acids

Proprietary Blend:

  • Boswellia
  • Turmeric
  • White Willow Bark
  • Devil’s Claw
  • Yucca Root

Product Features

Dieters choosing Actodin or any other joint support supplement need to understand that the most commonly used ingredients will not provide instant relief or support. Glucosamine, in this case, requires regular use to help rebuild cartilage and improve joint health. Regular use could mean two to four months of use before improvement is noticed.

In the mean time, Actodin includes white willow bark to help the user relieve pain naturally. White willow bark is similar to aspirin and works to reduce pain. Due to the similarity between white willow bark and aspirin, it is best to contact your doctor before taking this supplement if you are currently taking blood thinners. Aspirin and white willow bark have blood thinning properties.

Other than a brief description, there is very little information on how the product is supposed to work for the user, there is no relevant information. We expected a short description of each ingredient or something else, but nothing – no information.

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  • You can order Actodin online.
  • A complete ingredient list is available in the product description.
  • Will likely improve joint mobility and decrease pain with regular use.


  • Not designed to promote weight loss.
  • Requires months and months of use to work.
  • Should not be taken by patients currently prescribed blood thinners.
  • May thin blood.


Actodin is a solid joint supplement, but the company does very little to sell the supplement. We would like the company to give the buyer more information on each of the ingredients, such as the need to take this supplement long-term to feel the effects. The fact that white willow bark is included but there is no warning in the product description is not a good decision by Actodin. Dieters will not notice weight loss changes after taking this supplement.

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  • 1
    Linda VanLuven

    My husband took this for a year but has stopped. I didn’t order any more but it came out of my account. PLEASE STOP.


  • 2

    Where can purchase Actidn product in the UK


  • 3

    I have used Actodin for several years. I want to discontinue this NOW and cannot find a way to stop this product being sent to me. Please advise


  • 4
    Patricia Bennett

    Five Stars!!!!!!! I can’t live without it! Where can I buy it6?


  • 5
    arie dinur

    Hi, I live in israel and want to import Actodin with exclusivity in a signed contract. please contact me through my e mail. thank you. arie dinur


  • 6
    mary green

    I have had two deliveries of actodim but payment has been taken for more so I
    cancelled but my money hasn’t been returned. I am 87 and I cannot afford to lose
    money like this. If someone can help I would be grateful.


  • 7
    w fuller

    Where can I purchase Actodin? I am in UK.


  • 8
    audrey webb

    Of no use,told did not require any further supplies of actodin, money taken from bank in november, received tablets 16th december, tried to phone re.return, waited 30 mins. no connection to anyone. What happens now but they will be unable to take more cash from my account,but possibly more pills will arrive which are not required.


  • 9
    shirley shaw

    where to purchase actodin for use as pain relief arthritis – joint pain = with egg shell membrane


    Patricia Bennett

    Actodin has been a god-send to me! It has taken so much pain out of my body like no other product I have ever used. I love everything about it! I can’t live without it! I live in Drexel Hill, Pa 19026. Can you tell me where to purchase this product? Thanks.


  • 10
    P batty

    Can actodin help with hot flushes


  • 11
    Jeanie Kennedy

    I read the site Rip Off….I don’t think I will be ordering from you. How could you rip off people…that is a lot of money for pills especially ones that do not work. Doctors getting rich…amazing!!


  • 12
    David Bryant

    cancel my account if I have one. Stop taking money from my account. Stop any more being sent items being sent to me.


  • 13
    David Bryant

    ould you please cancel my account.
    and stop taking money from my account.


  • 14
    Stella Saunders

    Sometimes I feel that my blood pressure is a high, it it advisable to take just one 75mg asprin? Can I use my inhealers with the Actodin?


  • 15
    kraig zarr

    How much is this for both?


  • 16
    Starr Hays

    Will this product help with arthritic pain in the joints?



    Iv talking this. Product for 6 days the 0ais all but gone


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