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Acupuncture is more than 5,000 years old. The ancient art of pain relief has been used throughout the world. AcuAids attempts to bring the ancient art to the masses. The physician created process uses acupuncture and hypnosis to cure common ailments and increase weight loss. The lure of AcuAids is the price. The cost of acupuncture is approximately $120 per session, whereas AcuAids products cost approximately $40. Is AcuAids the ideal cure for weight management? We will see.

List of Ingredients


  • Magnetic patches used in conjunction with hypnosis.

Product Features

AcuAids is system of magnetic patches used I conjunction with hypnosis. The program assists with weight loss and total body pain. There are also products claiming to improve golf skills, provide facelifts and increase breast size. Each product comes with a set amount of magnetic acupuncture pads and a hypnosis CD. The price of the products is $39.99. Additional magnetic patches are $9.99 and supplements cost $13.99. This is relatively expensive, considering there is no guarantee of weight loss. The price comparison is based upon one acupuncture treatment.

We find AcuAids to be more of a fad/gimmick rather than a verifiable weight management tool. We would have expected links to clinical research or scientific proof, considering AcuAids was created by a licensed physician. There was not information regarding the efficacy. There were not even testimonials from current or former dieters.

We did a little digging ourselves. We did in fact find studies associating acupuncture and weight loss. The studies were more than 20 years old. What we found was acupuncture is effective, when caloric intake is reduced. The finding takes away from the credibility of AcuAids.

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  • Dieters can purchase AcuAids on the official website.


  • The techniques are not based upon clinical research.
  • AcuAids does not address diet, exercise or supplementation.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The products are expensive.
  • There were no links to clinical trials.
  • The website does not feature testimonials.


Dieters should have confidence in a product prior to investing any amount of money. Products should not be based upon non-proven techniques, especially when a physician formulates the product. AcuAids provides a wealth of products, but none based upon scientific research. We did not notice links to clinical trials, only information about the effectiveness of the products. Each of the products contains information relating to acupuncture and a hypnosis CD. Neither technique is proven weight management tools. The budget-conscience dieter should be aware of fad dieting schemes offering no proof of actual weight loss.

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