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If one thing is for certain in this day and age, it’s that there are many different approaches to weight loss. While you may have encountered numerous diet pills, a deluge of natural supplement capsules, and oodles of diet programs, you may not be familiar with Acupuncture Weight Loss. This involves the use of acupuncture needles and a specialist. Now, before you get any preconceived notions about this process for weight reduction, you should know that a healthy eating plan and a regular fitness routine are encouraged with any Acupuncture Weight Loss program.

Although Acupuncture Weight Loss is not claimed to magically make excess pounds of fat fall from your mid-section, thighs, hips, and buttocks, this form of Chinese medicine/therapy is claimed to be a helpful aid in the weight loss process. Acupuncture needles are placed in certain points of the body to potentially encourage relaxation and diminish stress, anxiety and frustration. These negative factors are commonly associated with the over-consumption of food. It’s stated that “endorphins” affect the user’s hormones and digestive system in order to provide more balance to the metabolism. Initially, the most crucial aspect of Acupuncture Weight Loss is attaining the professional expertise of a well-known, licensed acupuncture specialist.

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Acupuncture Weight Loss is a type of therapy that aims to assist men and women with healthy weight reduction. In the beginning, those that decide to try this procedure must meet with a professional for a consultation. This allows the Acupuncture Weight Loss expert to learn more about the individual’s specific condition and eating habits. The body and pulse are then examined so that the acupuncture therapist knows where to begin treatments. He/she may be able to determine why the individual is gaining weight. In regards to the number of Acupuncture Weight Loss treatments performed, this will depend on the individuals and the severity of their obesity. There are typically no specific dietary supplements incorporated with this weight loss plan.

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  • There are no potentially harmful diet pills involved with Acupuncture Weight Loss therapy.
  • Individuals that prefer an alternative approach to weight reduction (without pills or supplements) may prefer a treatment like Acupuncture Weight Loss.


  • There are no simple and convenient appetite suppressant capsules or fat burning pills involved with Acupuncture Weight Loss therapy.
  • Individuals that have a needle phobia will likely not care for this weight reduction method.
  • There do not appear to be any clinical studies presented on an official website to support the claimed benefits of Acupuncture Weight Loss treatments.


When it comes to methods like Acupuncture Weight Loss, this is just something that’s out of the norm for many dieters. Not to say that it’s ineffective. In reality, this type of treatment has probably worked for some individuals in the past, and that’s why it’s becoming more notable. However, it’s crucial to remember that procedures like Acupuncture Weight Loss therapy will involve a professional and numerous needle pricks. Therefore it’s important to really think and decide if this is a weight loss procedure that suits you.

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    Hetal Morabia

    Have learned quite a few things from your site. The information is crisp. Would love to visit back. Kind Regards.


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    Does acupuncture work for weight loss? I did not see a response to any commments asking the same question


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    Kelly Meyer

    I have been having acupuncture for about 3 weeks now.not sure if its for weight loss,or just for my neck and back,but my doctor knows about my weight loss issues. how long should it take before I start to feel better,and hopefully lose weight?


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    shamim hashmi

    Hi, i am Acupuncture docter i would like to know points and location fr weight loss and as well as how many general points and location we can use in defftrent dieses


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    Angie Gaeta

    Do you think its possible for me to loose 39 lbs from this in March until July 1, 2011. Are there side affects?


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    are there any side effects on the body/


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