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Acuslim is an intriguing device that attaches to your ear and aims to assist with weight loss. This product sells on the official UK website and is stated to be suitable for both women and men. Unlike many other weight reduction supplements that are taken orally, Acuslim simply fits inside the ear to suppress appetite, increase energy, boost confidence and improve mood. There are some customer testimonials featured on the official website, along with a before and after photo of celeb spokeswoman Janet Jackson to support the effectiveness of Acuslim.

It is claimed that there are no side effects with the Acuslim device. It was invented by one Dr. Dean Richards and focuses on acupuncture points that are found within the ear. Mild waves of electricity affect specific nerves. Although no diet pills are taken in conjunction with Acuslim, it is directed to be used twice daily. The official website states that Acuslim is totally safe, but only approved in the United Kingdom. There is a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee offered with this weight loss device. By stimulating different areas of the ear, Acuslim is claimed to affect a number of organs as well as the user’s brain. It is battery-operated and compact, so it’s easy to take anywhere. The manufacturer is quick to point out that no needles are involved with the Acuslim device.

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Acuslim is a weight loss device that is offered in the United Kingdom that’s stated to be suitable for women and men alike. While this device doesn’t involve an actual diet or fitness regimen, it does consist of the user placing an electronic device in their ear, in order to stimulate certain nerves. This is claimed to suppress appetite, increase energy levels, boost confidence and improve mood. There are some clinical studies presented on the official website for Acuslim. A price for this device in US dollars is not listed on the website and we could not tell if the device was approved for sale in the USA. Acuslim is meant to be used daily to assist with weight loss.

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  • Acuslim can be purchased through the official website by individuals who reside in the United Kingdom.
  • There are customer testimonials presented on the official website.
  • The Acuslim device comes with a one-year manufacturer guarantee.


  • Acuslim does not seem to be approved for sale in the US.
  • There are no oral appetite suppressants involved with Acuslim.
  • A specific healthy diet plan and regular exercise are not recommended on the official website.
  • No fat burning supplements are involved with the Acuslim device.
  • Some individuals may prefer taking a simple pill, as opposed to taking the time to use an electronic device each day.
  • Accuslim appears to be based on highly experimental technology.


Unlike most other weight loss products, Acuslim is an actual electronic device that affects nerves in the user’s ear. While the idea of this product is interesting, the notion of an electronic device in the user’s ear may raise a few eyebrows. Unfortunately for dieters in the US, Acuslim is not even available for purchase. Be certain to speak with a doctor before using an experimental weight reduction device like Acuslim. There may be some potential side effects that weren’t mentioned or that have yet to be discovered.

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