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Initially you should consider your weight loss goals and what you expect from a dietary supplement. This will help you find a diet pill or capsule formula that pertains to your needs and specifications. Now we are going to take a good look at the formula Adapexin. This is one of the many diet products that are now available via the Internet without a doctor’s prescription.

There are eight key active ingredients found in Adapexin. These are Phenylethylamine (improves mood, reduces hunger, and minimizes stress), Glucomannan (lowers body fat and minimizes hunger), Chromax (curbs appetite, improves lean muscle mass, and reduces calorie intake), Raspberry Ketones (increases the user’s metabolism), Evodiamine (helps burn off fat), Ginger Root (suppresses hunger), Caffeine Anhydrous (increases the user’s metabolism and heightens energy), and Vitamin B12 (boosts energy and minimizes hunger).

List of Ingredients

Phenylethylamine (37.5mg), Glucomannan (1000mg), Chromax (500mcg), Raspberry Ketones (100mg), Evodiamine (50mg), Ginger Root (50mg), Caffeine Anhydrous (199mg), and Vitamin B12 (500mcg).

Product Features

Adapexin is a diet capsule formula that is stated to be both safe and effective for weight reduction. According to the primary website for this product, it was rated the number one diet pill of 2010. Adapexin is claimed to do anything from suppress hunger, to burn off fat, to minimize calorie absorption, to boost metabolic rates, to lower stress levels, to increase lean muscle tissue, to improve the user’s mood. It is sold with a lifetime money-back guarantee, and dieters are supposed to be able to drop up to 10 pounds in just four weeks when taking Adapexin. The cost of this diet product is $49.95 (120 capsules), and it can be acquired through the official website.

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  • The eight major ingredients used in Adapexin are explained on the main website.
  • There is a 100% money-back guarantee offered with this diet product.


  • There is a significant amount of caffeine found in Adapexin capsules.
  • This weight loss supplement has not been reviewed by the FDA at all.
  • The combination of active ingredients used in Adapexin may cause negative reactions in some users.
  • No before and after photos are presented on the website of dieters who have used this weight loss supplement.


When it comes down to it, Adapexin does have some core ingredients that can assist with weight reduction. Furthermore, it is nice to see a satisfaction guarantee provided with this diet product. On the other hand, be sure to keep in mind that this diet pill contains high levels of caffeine, which is a diuretic that can lead to nervousness, jitteriness and sleeplessness in some users. Also, there is no feedback on the official website from customers who have tried Adapexin.

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22 User Reviews about Adapexin

  • 1

    Does adipex causes birth defects ?????


  • 2
    chyarles rose

    DO you really send Adapix without a script

    Pleasekkkkkkkkkkk let me know soon.


  • 3
    charles a rose

    II really need to loose weight. Are you saying that I can buy Adapex without
    a script. If so let me know the price and where to send the money.
    I do not have credit cards, but I could send a money order or a debit card.
    Please let me hear from you soon.
    Charles A Rose


  • 4

    When should I use the 72hour cleanse. Before I start on Abidexin? Or should they be taken at the same time?


  • 5

    I used adapexin-p between July and September last year 2011 as i had been working out and not losing much and with that and gym twice a week I lost 24lbs, I found in first week it didn supress my appetite all that much and sometimes I was actually more hungry but after the first week i started noticing i was always full, it makes your mouth dry which is fine cos it makes you drink more water and there is a raspberry like after taste sometimes, since then I havent gone to the gym in a year and have have only put on 4lb my appetite didn seem to grow much after stopping them, I have ordered more now Sep 2012 because i feel my bad eating habbits slippin but hoping to get rid of the 4lb and a bit more and get back on track with the gym.. Just thought id give you my input on this product. Oh and got no jitters or fast pulse. Id recommend it.


  • 6

    Got my order on time, but didn’t recieve the whole order. So I reported them to paypal. You’re right!… they don’t return phone calls, haven’t tried them yet.


  • 7

    Hey guys is me again… i just got the order of far im not feeling headaches or nauseas,i’m feeling great n i dont eat alot as decreased my appetite…let’s see how it goes..I’m exercising and eating health as much as i can..Hope it works…


  • 8

    Well Guys I just ordered my Adapexin Today..Hope it comes fast….


  • 9

    Thieves and crooks
    While their product does work, their coupons are a lie. I used a coupon that was supposed to get me one free bottle of somnaslim with my purchase of adapexin. They added $19.95 to my order, then deducted $19.95 to show it as free, but did not ship it to me. When I wrote back to complain, I got a response from an Emily that the coupon was not for a free bottle, that is was for a refund, which I got – yeah right, they refunded me what they charged me!
    DO not buy from these shady characters!!!


  • 10

    This pill was sent to me by Health Science Nutrition after ordering APADEXIN, no doubt in an effort to sell this product and hoping that the unsuspecting customer would not notice. I only noticed a problem when, as the review above indicated, I had an unusual appetite to eat more carbs than normal. This is because it interferes with thyroid hormones and if you have a thyroid condition like me, then steer clear of this product. It actually piled on the pounds that I spent so long shedding with Anoretix. I decided to give Apidexin a chance with all the positive reviews it received and, as stated, they sent me Adapexin and refused to reimburse the costly custom charges for a product I did not order. Not very happy at all with Health Science Nutrition or the product ADAPEXIN.


  • 11

    so guys r the pills good or not???have u lost weight??????wanna buy the pills but i`m not sure after all this comments


  • 12

    I’ve read all of the comments and I am still debating on buying the pill. Well we shall see


  • 13

    I just got my pills, I am exited about starting them i have significant weight to lose i know that I cannot leave it all up to the pill and that exercise and sensible eating will help but i do need help for my bad eating habits at night HOPE THIS WORKS


  • 14
    Jesseca V

    My pills came on time. I received them on Jan 11. I also work out almost every night at the gym. The plus side is I do not feel jittery and my heart doesn’t race like most pills. But, I have only lose 2 pounds, which could be because I am exercising. I am not so sure now, but will give it the rest of the month. At least I can get my money back if it doesn’t work out.


  • 15

    Mine came late as well. But, once it did get here and I started taking it, I noticed a significant reduction in appetite. Though they say it contains alot of caffeine, I take it before lunch and a little while after dinner (to prevent late night snackings) and it works, but doesn’t keep me awake. I’m sold!


  • 16

    Hey chandra-
    Just saying its because of the portions we eat too. And the fatty food they get people hooked on like mcdonalds, mcdonalds puts sooo much fat and salt in there food its sad.


  • 17

    I’ve only been taking adapexin for a couple of days,but i can tell that i’m not as hungry as usual,so i’m not eating as much. I have not had any aftertaste,nor upset stomach,though i did have slight headache most of the day,but could be because i took a vitamin at the same time,tomorrow i will space them out by a few hours. we’ll see about the weight loss in future.Hope this works.Just for the record i think so many people are overweight because of all the perservatives,growth hormones and all that other stuff they put in foods these days,Well that’s part of it anyway.


  • 18

    I haven’t used the pill yet. maybe that’s because I STILL have not received them yet after a week when I chose 2-3 day shipping. I tried contacting customer service on Adapexin’s main website and they refuse to answer. I hate to trash a pill because of it’s company so i’m just warning you that if you have a question to ask them, they will NOT answer you.



    The same thing happend to me i feel cheated



    Not me, Although the shipment came late. I contacted the company be email and they explained that they were back ordered and would ship as soon as they received more. Then they gave me 10 percent discount on my order. As for the pill itself, I have only been on it for a few days and it hasn’t really reduced my appetite or my weight but we will see. The after taste in my stomach is not that great and I hope I get used to it or I will have to try the money back offer. It really taste terrible, I have to take a pepcid after I take the pills. hmm,,,



    Any results yet? Ive been on for 2 weeks now, And havent noticed a decrease in hunger or added energy. I’m not so sure right this pill is for me.


    i had to leave a nasty message! then they finally got back to me! and gave me a 10% discount!