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What You Should Know

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Pacific BioLogic is the manufacturer of Adaptrin. The website offers a complete list of ingredients and online ordering. Customers must create an account with the Pacific BioLogic company in order to login and order products. Without a login, there is no pricing information provided. We found no testimonials for Adaptrin.

List of Ingredients

Allspice Fruit, Camphor Bark, Cloves Fruit, Gingerlily Rhizome, Hardy Orange Fruit, Knotweed Aerial, Marigold Flower, Red Sandalwood Bark, White Sandalwood Root, Bioperine, Cardamom Fruit, Columbine Aerial, Golden Cinquefoil Aerial, Heart Leaf Sida Root, Licorice Root, Monkshood Root, Valerian Rhizome, Wild Lettuce Aerial, Blackthorn Flower, Chebulic Myrobalan Fruit, Crepe Ginger Rhizome, Gypsum, Iceland Moss, Margosa Leaf, Plantain Aerial and Vetiver Rhizome.

Product Features

There is no mention on the Pacific BioLogic website of what health benefits Adaptrin may have for the dieter. We searched for this information and found the ingredients are linked to increased circulation and blood flow. This does not have a positive effect on weight loss. No weight loss trials have been completed on Adaptrin.

The formula behind Adaptrin is linked to an old Tibetan formula. For five generations, researchers worked on the formula from various countries including Russia and Europe. The ingredients are thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect, in addition to increasing circulation.

According to one product description, the ingredients in Adaptrin may increase the range a person can walk. This is not a proven benefit of taking Adaptrin. None of the ingredients will increase metabolism or fat burn, so the dieter would be wasting money on the supplement unless they needed to increase circulation due to obstruction of some sort.

While the official website does not have a price, we found a third-party retailer selling the supplement for more than $80. Without clinical research to prove claims of increased circulation, we see no reason to spend this much money on any supplement.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the official Pacific BioLogic website and other websites.
  • The product can be purchased from Pacific BioLogic.


  • None of the ingredients are proven to increase weight loss.
  • No fat burning ingredients.
  • No appetite suppressing ingredients.


Weight loss is all about taking the right supplement that increases fat burning potential. If the supplement included green tea or caffeine, there would be some evidence to prove weight loss claims. Unfortunately, Pacific BioLogic makes no claims about the product whatsoever. Third-party websites link the formula to increased circulation. Increasing blood flow may reduce pain in affected areas, but this will not boost metabolism. For the price, we suggest dieters choose a proven weight loss supplement with a detailed product description, free trial and testimonials to back up claims. A proven weight loss supplement may cost less than Adaptrin.

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2 User Reviews about Adaptrin

  • 1
    Nelson Lantz

    I am looking to use Adaptrin in combo with Alpha-lipoic Acid for relief of/cure my diabetic neuropathy in my feet, I’ve heard it is excellent for that, & is standard practise in European countries. What do you know of this?


  • 2
    Joe Cool

    Adaptrin is NOT for diet! I have been taking this herbal capsule for the past 10 years to help my blood circulation (what it is for) and it seems that some companies are advertising it as a diet pill.