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AdelgaFit is a herbal weight loss supplement marketed to a Portuguese speaking audience. Indeed, the manufacturer’s website is exclusively in Portuguese. However, it appears that the product can be shipped worldwide; prices are given in Euros. Assuming one is fluent in Portuguese, the manufacturers website is user friendly and detailed. There is a page of user testimonials as well as a list of frequently asked questions. There is also a contact page, making it easy for customers to ask questions. However, there does not appear to be any free or low-cost samples of the product available; the product is sold in 1-month or 3-month supplies.

Product Features

AdelgaFit is advertised as 100% natural, and composed only of herbs. A full listing of ingredients is given on the manufacturer’s site, but in Portuguese only. The product is sold as a set of three different concentrates, each of 200ml. There is a morning blend, noontime blend, and evening blend, each focusing on different aspects of healthy weight loss. People following the AdelgaFit program take 10ml of each blend at the recommended time during the day, usually within 30 minutes of a meal, followed by a glass of water. The expected outcome of this daily treatment is to reduce water retention and improve metabolism. In addition, the specific combinations of ingredients are intended to suppress hunger as well as increase energy levels. The manufacturer claims that no additional special diet is necessary when using the product. Positively, no interaction effects with other medicines are reported, but pregnant women are advised not to take it. AdelgaFit is advertised as suitable for both men and women, and can be used by people of any age.

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  • Website has user testimonials, ingredient listing, and the product can be ordered online.
  • Product is recommended for the entire family.
  • Manufacturer claims a reasonable maximum weight loss potential of 26 pounds using this product.


  • Website only in Portuguese.
  • Shipping cost/transit time to the US is unclear.
  • Website does not appear to accept major US credit cards.


AdelgaFit could be a worthwhile weight loss supplement. However, the product appears to focus exclusively on the Portuguese-speaking market, and it is unclear how easy this product may be to obtain in the US. The website makes no mention of the other components of any healthy weight loss program, such as moderating diet and exercise, but does offer user testimonials. In addition to curbing weight-gain through appetite suppression, the product also claims to improve the quality of skin. Therefore, this could be a good choice for someone interested in both losing weight and the health/physical appearance of their skin.

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