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Adenosine is naturally occurring compound that is part of the human body’s energy transport system. However, when taken as part of a dietary supplement, adenosine is thought to help increase the metabolism of fats and other compounds in the body. Adenosine also has a role in the way that dietary supplements such as hoodia, are thought to act as an appetite suppressant. Hoodia increases the level of adenosine in the hypothalamus, which correspondingly lowers the impulse for food consumption. In some forms, adenosine is reported to have a positive effect on the rate of individual metabolism, but it is unclear if this effect is localized or systemic.

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While adenosine-only dietary supplements are available, their use as a weight loss tool seems rare; most supplements are designed for athletes wishing to restore their baseline energy levels as quickly as possible. However, as described above, adenosine management plays a key role in many dietary supplements intended to be used for weight loss. Any of the myriad available forms of hoodia-based dietary supplements rely on adenosine for their ultimate effect. Another use of adenosine for weight –loss is by direct injection into target areas. This new method of treatment is offered by a limited number of medical professionals. However, while adenosine injection reportedly increases the recipient’s metabolism, it does not make them feel more energetic, or act as an appetite suppressant, so the overall utility of this more invasive procedure may be limited.

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  • Adenosine is a naturally occurring compound, existing naturally in the human body.
  • Adenosine-related products are widespread and attend to a variety of issues.
  • Treatments based on adenosine could be a valuable part of a managed, comprehensive weight loss program.


  • No clear research supports any of the specific weight-loss related claims of some marketers of adenosine based products.
  • No standardization or oversight of adenosine-based injection treatments.
  • Some forms of adenosine-related treatment are not widely available.


As a naturally occurring part of the body’s own systems, adenosine is obviously safe and natural. Therefore, the cautious consumer should feel comfortable investigating treatments and supplements based on managing adenosine levels in the body. However, just because it is naturally occurring in the body doesn’t mean that each treatment will be equally effective. Health conscious consumers should carefully investigate the claims of products that purport to work by affecting adenosine reception in the body. Even more so than other dietary supplements, it seems clear that products like hoodia or adenosine injection should only be used as an auxiliary part of a comprehensive weight-loss program that takes into account a multitude of lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise, and other stressors.

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