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What You Should Know

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Adepix uses a name similar to Adipex to sell more weight loss supplements. There is no official website for this supplement and finding a complete ingredient list is nearly impossible. We did find some brief product descriptions mentioning a few ingredients commonly used in weight loss supplements, but without a full ingredient list or official website, the dieter should be cautious about trying this supplement. Any company that formulates a supplement with a similar name to a prescription weight loss drug is just hoping the dieter types in the wrong word when researching online. Too many dieters try to order Adipex without a prescription and what they end up with is supplements like Adepix.

List of Ingredients


  • Caffeine
  • Mint
  • Cumin
  • Olive
  • Lady’s Finger

Product Features

Caffeine is the primary ingredient. That is not a surprise as most weight loss supplements contain caffeine or a natural stimulant standardized for caffeine. We have no idea how much caffeine the company added to Adepix so the dieter needs to be wary when taking a full dose. Some companies add as much as 400 mg of caffeine per dose and that can cause negative side effects, including heart palpitations.  

The remaining ingredients are nothing spectacular and they have no proven connection with weight loss. Lady’s finger, interestingly enough, is another name for Okra. Okra is a vegetable.

There is mention of an appetite suppressant in Adepix, but we did not find one in the ingredient list. Common appetite suppressants include chromium and hoodia, but hoodia is not supported by clinical research.

We did not find Adepix available for sale online. The product may no longer exist or it could be sold under a new name. Most of the information we found was hidden among reviews for prescription weight loss drugs.

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  • Contains caffeine – a proven weight loss ingredient that boosts metabolism.
  • May contain an appetite suppressant.
  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • May promote weight loss.


  • A complete ingredient list could not be found.
  • Does not appear to be available for sale.
  • Named after a prescription diet drug.
  • Could contain too much caffeine.
  • Could contain other stimulants.
  • No appetite suppressant included in the formula.
  • No official website.


Adepix is not a viable solution for weight loss. The dieter should never order a diet pill that contains unknown ingredients. If there is no website, no testimonials and no listing at a trustworthy diet website, the diet supplement should not be trusted. Dieters can choose from hundreds of supplements with proven ingredients, but Adepix is just not one we would trust.

Proven ingredients that may promote weight loss include chromium, green tea and caffeine.

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