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What You Should Know

Adios Max is a stronger version of the popular Adios tablet. It is designed to increase the user’s metabolism, thereby assisting the process of burning off excess fat. It is widely available in the UK and online, but its availability outside the UK appears to be limited. Adios Max is advertised as a natural aid for slimming, so would be an appropriate choice for anyone reluctant to use drugs or other approaches to weight loss. However, Adios Max does not appear to utilize any ingredients that promote thermogenesis, and the manufacturer offers no scientific research to back up their claims that the product is “your quickest path to feeling and looking great.

Product Features

The key active ingredient in Adios Max is 120mg of fucus dry extract (which is equivalent in potency to 600mg of fresh fucus). This ingredient is derived from a form of kelp or algae, also called Bladderwack. Fucus extract is used in the medical field as a treatment for certain thyroid disorders that have been linked to weight gain. However, it is unclear what effect fucus extract has on individuals with healthy thyroids. Adios Max also contains the following non-active ingredients; lactose monohydrate, sodium starch glycollate, calcium hydrogen phosphate dihyrate (E341), talc, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide (E171), kaolin light, sucrose, and acacia.

The product is sold in boxes of 100 tablets, and is inexpensive – one of the most inexpensive weight-loss oriented dietary supplements available in the UK.

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  • Gluten-free, vegetarian
  • Advertised as an aid to a diet program incorporating exercise and a moderate diet.
  • Manufacturer’s website has user testimonials as well as an online progress-tracking database.


  • Not suitable for vegans. No case studies available for review on the website.
  • Distribution and availability outside the UK is limited.
  • No free sample available; cannot be bought online from manufacturer’s website.


Adios Max could play an important role in weight-loss as part of a program that also includes a proper diet and exercise. The “My Aidos” portion of the manufacturer’s website could provide the incentive for goal-tracking and progress that some people might find very useful. Another helpful feature is the downloadable patient information sheet for Adios Max that outlines indications and contraindications for the supplement. However, the fact that of widely available weight-loss supplements, only Adios and Adios Max appear to rely on fucus dry extract as the primary active ingredient suggests that its effectiveness may be limited to only elimination of water weight, and is not part of a long term weight loss solution. Some consumers may be more interested in seeking out a supplement backed with a solid body of scientific research, including case studies, rather than simply user testimonials.

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