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Adios is a weight loss supplement exclusively produced in the United Kingdom, claiming to stimulate weight loss. This is provided the dieter eats a controlled diet. The entire supplement claims to be naturally derived and does not state it has any side effects, minus allergic reactions to some of its main ingredients. It is widely available in stores in the United Kingdom, but its availability in other countries is currently unknown.

Adios claims to help dieters lose weight if combined with a low calorie diet and exercise, but further information could not be obtained. It is mainly marketed as a natural supplement that may help dieters lose additional weight. For dieters seeking solid, research-backed pills, offering natural supplements may not be enough to gain their interest.


Adios has two brands, Adios and Adios Max. Its regular formula contains Fucus Dry Extract, Boldo Dry Extract, Dandelion Root, Butternut, Lactose, Sucrose, Sodium Starch Glycollate, Talc, Pre-Gelatinsed (sic) Starch, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, Red Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide. Its Max formula contains Fucus Dry Extract, Lactose Monohydrate, Sodium Starch Glycollate, Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Dihyrate, Talc, Magensium Stearate, Kaolin Light, and Acacia.

Product Features

Adios boasts it contains natural, non-synthetic ingredients that promote weight loss and well-being. It only appears one ingredient contains significant weight loss benefits backed up by science, Fucus Dry Extract. Fucus is another name for the kelp extract Bladderwack, which is sometimes used in thyroid treatment because it contains a substantial amount of iodine which is shown to help reduce the symptoms of thyroid disorders. It is mainly used to correct metabolic slowness as a result of a dysfunctional thyroid. It is usually recommended for use only if you suffer from a thyroid disorder however, and supplementing your diet with this ingredient if your thyroid is functional may present some problems.

Otherwise, its other ingredients contain no weight-related benefits and some may actually present issues for people with liver or heart problems. Dieters are advised to speak with a physician before considering this diet supplement.

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  • Features natural, non-synthetic ingredients.
  • Fucus extract may help dieters suffering from thyroid disorders which slow the metabolism.


  • Some ingredients may worsen conditions associated with some liver and heart-related issues.
  • Appears to be only available in the United Kingdom.
  • Does not appear to contain ingredients that promote thermogenesis.


Adios offers naturally-derived ingredients for dieters seeking natural diet supplements, but these ingredients may not be as effective as they are said to be. Natural ingredients may prevent issues associated with synthetic ingredients, such as the increased presence of side effects, but scientifically-backed ingredients with proven weight loss benefits is a better bet for dieters.

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  • 1

    I started taking Adios on wednesday and thursday i had a period after 8 years


  • 2

    hi i am 14/15 and i am overweight so i got adios max and it says not to be taken under 16 so i stopped taking them but i really want to i try exercise and dieting but one mistake and the weight piles back so i want to take them again but is there any serious side effects for under 16 year olds i should know about


  • 3

    ive recently brought adios max off the internet,they smell really fishy..ive bought them before from a health shop and i didnt notice the fishy smell..are they suppose to smell fishy or not??


  • 4

    I am confused and instructions make me even more confused, do you eat 3meals a day while taking adios and when do you take it?


  • 5

    I’m 15 and am struggling a lot with my weight… can I take adios or do I have to wait another year?


  • 6

    To me. Adios works. Fantastic I love it… The only downside I have found. Is that when my partner found out. He went mental!! I am on weightwatchers as well as taking these tablets. I work long hours so don’t have much time to exercise. But I am losing weight. I think they are fantastic. Good luck losing weight 🙂



    I have been taking Adios Max for 3 weeks but I will have a marathon soon, I am worried about heart effects…this is supposed to be a natural product.


  • 7

    Why does this tablets gives me constant headache when I eat it?


  • 8

    ladies just remember we are all different shapes and sizes, health is more impotant 🙂


  • 9

    Since starting on Adios, and subsequently stopping it, I have had a terrible itchy skin. I am currently under a dermatologist:can`t find either a tablet or cream to relieve symptoms!



    To Barbara November 8 2011 post
    If still itchy skin, suggest you get your doc to do bloods, inclusing liver function/enzymes. If Adios can affect liver function as stated, itchy skin can be a not so well known symptom of liver related problems. worth a check with a professional.


  • 10

    Do you not realise that everyone is different, our metabolisms are not the same so diet aids of any description will react differently to each individual. No need to be rude to anyone, weight problems are universal and people need encouragement not criticism. If it works for you go with it.


  • 11

    i have been taking adios for 2 month now and i think it is great,i av lost weight that i couldn,t previously lose,YEAH for ADIOS


  • 12

    Hi all of you Adios takers I HAve ben taking this product for three days,dont know if it is helping me lose any weight, more likely to lose sleep after reading a review on another website where a women claims that she sufferred huge hair loss!I would prefer fat any day!Also the comments above re glands… what the hell have i bought?? oh and the rude person obsessed with the gym!? LOL see a therapist oh and being overweight was not your biggest problem!


  • 13
    Mel Robertson

    been taking adios max for just over a week and all its doing for me is making me blow off! Maybe i am full of hot air and this is the cause of my weight. Will Keep you posted if it works?



    I’ve found this as well, sometimes quite a crampy stomach too


  • 14

    Is adios max safe to take with nexium and pregabalin?


  • 15
    linda o'riley

    hi 1 am on levothyroxine 100mg, is it ok for me to take the normal adios not the adios max, or is it advisable not to take either

    thanks linda



    Why dont you just stop cheating and lying to yourself with what you eat! Face facts that you and only you did this to you. No gimmick or fad will help you. The sum is simple! Burn more calories than you consume! So get to the gym and burn it off. That doesnt mean blag it and think youve earned a pizza just coz you did 20 mins walking on a tred mill.
    Sorry to sound rude but this is the only way the message gets through. It worked for me. 🙂



    how rude are you! she takes medication for her thyroid, assuming it isn’t functioning as it should. Depending on how underactive or overactive it is can determine the ability to lose weight no matter what you do.



    you are a very rude person, i do have also underactive thyropid and i eat 1500 cals a day and am 13stone, i eat less than most people and weight more because of this, my pills can only help so much you rude non educated being



    how rude, i am 27 stone yet am only on 1600 cals a meal my thyroid has been plying up for years, i tryed the gym but was told not to come back as someone broke the bench and put some pork pies in my bag, i got the blame ! anyway i do 30 mins sat on the tred mill to earn a pizza !.



    I’m not sure 1600 calories a meal is correct… An average woman is meant to consume 2000 a day. Hope this helps… Good luck 🙂



    Im gonna lose weight by laughing so much by what you said and the comments after, hilarious



    How many kids under 10 do yu have? Or are you 1 of the special ones whos partner will look after the kids while you go the gym after a full days work. You really should ask 1st.



    your not rude like the others say, its just plain old fashioned common sense. i have to shift 42lbs and im going to do it the natural way, weight loss is a lifestyle change 🙂



    I think you need to read up about hypothyroidism before preaching, it is 10 times harder for someone to lose weight when they are hypo therefore even eating a healthy balanced diet can lead to being overweight. 1 calorie for you is like 10 for us as our body runs at a slower level including our metabolic rate. I honestly cannot believe your comment. At 19 I stopped eating altogether to lose weight because of people like you presuming I was a lazy fat girl. I was then diagnosed with hypothyroidism which includes hairloss, lethargy, mobility issues, heart palpitations, infertility,all the way down to dry skin this is what people with this particular autoimmune disease have to deal with on a daily basis without your putting them down as well. I would love to hear all your ways to sort that out as well seen as you have all the answers, then you can start on all the other illnesses in this world!


  • 16

    I take Adios regularly and it certainly helps reduce fluid retention due to the dandelion root. I was identified as having a slightly underactive thyroid so the fucus may well be helping although I haven’t had any tests to confirm that.


  • 17

    I’m on the contracepive pill and was wondering whether Adios / Adios Max would cause me to bleed or spot during my cycle?



    That has just happens to me! I’m sure it’s related to taking adios! Hope it stops soon I stopped taking adios 3 days ago


  • 18

    hi ive just read the messages from other people ive only just bought adios cos im sick of trying everything else,but they all seem to be wooried about the stuff so im wondering is it even safe to take i mean is anything safe to take do you have any advice on what is ok to take.


  • 19

    I’ve now been taking adios for about a week, and to be honest after reading this report, I must say I’m really quite worried about my thyroid glands, should I continue or not, as if I need to just stick to diet and exercise I will.


    lisa pruden

    i took adios max after the birth of my daughter to try and lose weight and after about 3 months ended up with a underactive thyroid and i am now on thyroxine for life


  • 20

    I have been taking adios 2 to 3 times daily for over a year, i went on a controlled diet with daily exercise and lost over 2 stones,i also take adios max as said above, ive kept the weight not sure if its with the help of adios or just my exercise and controlled diet. Do you think continuos use of adios max will have a side effect on me


  • 21

    I have been taking adios max for approx 3 months now, about 8 weeks ago my right thyroid became enlarged, I have seen a ent surgeon who did a fna biopsy and scan, they said my right thyroid has a 5cm cyst on it, and my left thyroid has a small nodule on it too, do you think that its possible it could be a side effect of taking adios max?


  • 22
    Ms Ayne

    I have tried all kinds of diets and i do regular exercise. I neither put on nor loose weight.I am 12 and a half stone at 5,6 and overweight as I need to get down to 11st.After trying hard I decided to try XLS and now adios max. None of them seem to show any results. What next?



    ive been taking adios for 4 weeks It does work I’ve lost 3 kg I take 2-3 tablets a day you need to eat healthy food and do half hour of cardio exercise and drink a lot of water


  • 23
    Julie Wilkinson

    I am taking levothyroxine 100 mg – is it safe to take Adios Max?


    Dr. Shivakant Upadhyaya

    Levothyroxine has a direct impact on the iodine levels, which are also affected by Fucus, a key ingredient of this brand. While one decreases the levels, the other increases the same therefore both work against each other. Therefore it is not advisable to consume the brand while on this medication.


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