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Adipessum is the trade name of a dietary supplement made in China and exported to a variety of countries, including the US, but they primarily appear to be available in the Phillipines and Costa Rica. They are also known as “Miracle Chinese Capsules.” Currently, the product is only available through third-party resellers; there is no official manufacturer’s website. It appears that Adipessum is a new addition to the market – discussions of the product are few, and there are none before late 2009. It is not widely available for sale online, particularly in quantities suitable for individual use; most distributors are selling commercial size packs.

Product Features

The key ingredients of Adipessum tablets are Atractylodes Rhizome, Oriental Water Plantain Rhizome, Artichoke, Kola Nut, Cyamoposis Gum, Astragalus Root Extract, Cassia Seed, Lotus Leaf, and Alfalfa. The product is sold in boxes of 30 350mg capsules. The dosage is one capsule per day, in the morning, without food, so one box yields approximately a one month’s supply. The instructions also admonish the user to “drink more water” and “eat more fruits,” which alone probably has more effect than the tablets themselves, for weight loss. Adipessum is intended for adults between age 18 and 60 only, and is contraindicated for people with mental illnesses, heart disease, glaucoma, hyperthyroidism, or for women that are pregnant.

The main ingredient, Atractylodes, is a traditional element of Chinese herbal medicine, but which has no reported weight loss effects, beyond acting as a strong diuretic. Kola nut is a well known stimulant that is often used as an alternative to caffeine. As a supplement, Astragalus is sometimes believed to prolong life, but scientific research has not substantiated that claim. Thus, although marketed as a weight loss supplement, it is unclear which of the ingredients are expected to facilitate that process.

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  • All natural. Utilizes many traditional Chinese remedies.


  • No official website
  • No testimonials available
  • No scientific literature to support claims made.


While future research may show this relative newcomer to the international weight-loss supplement market to be as effective or viable as other, more established supplements, the lack of widespread information about this product combined with the apparent lack of direct manufacturer support indicates that more alert consumers might steer clear of Adipessum for now. The fact that, while all of the ingredients appear to be well known elements of Chinese traditional medicine, the fact that none of the ingredients are specifically known to assist in weight loss further suggests that other treatments may be more effective. Moreover, the information available about Adipessum does not clarify the pathways by which the product works, or even if it is a reasonable weight loss aid.

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  • 1

    Just started them this morning at 6:30am on an empty stomach. So far has made me go to the bathroom twice already. I am feeling a boost of energy must be the caffeine it contains it’s been 2 hrs since I took them. Not feeling hungry as of yet.


  • 2

    How much is the price for one box of adipessum?? If I buy 100 boxes the price change??


  • 3

    trial 1st april 2014 , today is the 15th april 2014 ,ive lost 19lbs in two weeks,only thing would be the dehydration other than that ive seen no other known side effects,i also go to the gym 5 days a week for about 2 to 3 hours so maybe some may loose that amount i lost so far in about 1 month or so ive read…i hope this helps since there are hardly any comments about it,wish you all luck


  • 4
    Linda M

    I started taking adipussum about a week ago. My close friend reccommend the product she has lost about 80 lbs in bout 6 mths. The effects that I have noticed is decreased appeitite and I get extremly thristy. I have to force myslef to eat because it does cause a loss of hunger. I dont feel jittery which is a plus but i do feel more energetic dont feel tired. I dont do extreme diet but do watch what I eat. I really like this product. Im paying about 70$ for a months supply. We order it thru third party so I wouldnt knw where to actually get them fro myself. Im exticed to see how much weight i’ll lose in a month. Will jeep postin as I lose weight:)


  • 5
    Marilyn T

    I currently have been taking Adimpessum for 2 weeks. The stuff is SO strong I can only take it every other day. It makes you feel crazy. If you do take it before a workout DON’T eat! I have tried eating 30min, 1hr, & or not at all b4 my workouts & I find it best w/o food. (make SURE you eat after your workouts) I do Insanity 6 days a week. I NEVER feel hungry when taking it. BUT still EAT. Drink LOTS of water it is a must. 1 pill is good ALL day. This is coming from a caffeine junkie. PLEASE I stress this is NOT good for new comers to nutrition. BodyBuilders & those of us who have tried EVERYTHING under the sun this stuff works great for us.


  • 6
    carmen lebron

    I would like to know that if i can use this product.


  • 7
    becky borrego

    I would like to buy about 3 boxes of adipessum could someone tell where I can buy them?? Thank you.


    yennita desantiago

    you can buy them at nuko in caldwell id



    if you live in jersey i can tell u in bellville



    where in new jersey


    Your Name

    Where in belleville


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