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What You Should Know

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You do not have to look further than the Internet for diet products nowadays. In fact, there are websites that allow you to track everything you eat, as well as dietary supplements that sell over-the-counter, and require no doctor visits. It is clear that this is the age of convenience. So, if you are striving to shed unwanted pounds, you can make it happen with the right weight loss formula. At this time, we will scrutinize one product in particular, which is Adipo RX. This diet formula sells for $59.99, and is suitable for women and men trying to lose weight. Adipo RX is even sold with a 90-day money-back guarantee, whereas many other diet pills are not.


  • Chromax
  • Fucoxanthin
  • African Mango Extract
  • Pomegranate Extract
  • Caralluma Fimbriata
  • LeanGard

Product Features

Adipo RX is a weight loss formula that may help you build lean muscle mass, shed unwanted pounds of fat, suppress hunger, and prevent fat from being stored. It also assists by regulating the glucose in your blood, which controls food cravings. There is no special eating plan or exercise program that goes with Adipo RX. Nor are there any clinical trial specifics posted for this diet formula.

There are six key ingredients used in Adipo RX. These are revealed as LeanGard (helps build lean muscle tissue and suppresses hunger), Caralluma Fimbriata (prevents fat from being stored in the body, and assists by controlling food cravings), Pomegranate Extract (offers ample antioxidant protection to fend off damaging free radicals), African Mango (boosts the metabolism, while curbing appetite), Chromax (suppresses hunger and helps regulate blood sugar levels to minimize cravings), and Fucoxanthin (accelerates fat burning to improve weight loss).

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  • A 90-day money-back guarantee is provided with this diet pill.
  • Antioxidants are found in Adipo RX.
  • Some natural ingredients are used in this weight loss formula.


  • The cost of Adipo RX is high in comparison to other diet products.
  • No clinical trial results are presented on this weight loss supplement.
  • This formula may lead to side effects in some users.
  • No special diet plan or fitness routine is recommended with this supplement.


You should take into account the lack of clinical evidence regarding Adipo RX. After all, there are other weight loss products that have been proven to work. Also, there is no regular exercise or healthy diet plan encouraged with this diet formula. As you may already know, these are two key factors when it comes to weight loss, and keeping weight off for the long haul. Moreover, Adipo RX is pretty expensive in comparison to other dietary supplements for weight reduction. Be sure to check out alternative diet products before choosing this one.

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