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Adipokinetix is a weight loss supplement that is manufactured by All Star Health. One of the main active ingredients in Adipoketix is Synephrine, which is also known by the name of Citrus Aurantium. Many manufacturers of weight loss products have been enthusiastic about Synephrine since the ban on Ephedrine was put in place, and they say that it produces the same stimulant effects as Ephedrine without the potentially harmful side effects.


The ingredients in Adipokinetix consist of: Dicaffeine Malate, Green Tea Extract, Velvet Bean Extract, Norphenephrine, Synephrine, Bergenia Root, Yohimbe and Phenethylamine.

Product Features

There does not appear to be an official website for Adipokinetix but it can be ordered from online stores at a price of $28.50 for a bottle of one hundred and eighty capsules. Those who sell Adipokinetix say that the effect of this weight loss supplement can be increased by taking it with supplements of Guggubolic. Guggubolic is derived from the Guggul tree, the sap of which is said to have weight loss properties. Synephrine, which is present in Adipokinetix, has caused some controversy. Some manufacturers see it as a safe alternative to Ephedrine, but a number of experts warn that it can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Yohimbe, which is also present in Adipokinetix, is the principle alkaloid derived from the bark of the West African evergreen tree the Pausinystalia Yohimbe. Some experts, however, say that Yohimbe can raise blood pressure to dangerous levels and that products which include Yohimbe should not be taken by anyone who already has any kind of blood pressure problems. Yohimbe was traditionally used as an aphrodisiac (and is currently found in numerous “male enhancement” supplements) but it is also claimed that it has weight loss properties. Green Tea Extract, which is also present in Adipokinetix, is of course one of the most popular ingredients in weight loss products on the market today.

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  • Adipokinetix can be ordered directly from online shops.
  • There is a comprehensive list of ingredients available for Adipokinetix.
  • Adipokinetix is reasonably priced.


  • There do not appear to have been any controlled, standardized trials carried out on Adipokinetix.
  • Adipokinetix contains the ingredient yohimbe, which has been linked to several health risks, especially for those with high blood pressure or heart conditions.
  • There are some concerns amongst experts regarding synephrine, which is present in Adipokinetix, as some believe that it may increase the risk of stroke or heart attack.
  • No free trial of Adipokinetix appears to be available for first-time users.


The ingredients in Adipokinetix are ingredients which are commonly found in other weight loss products on the market today. However, two of Adipokinetix’s main ingredients-yohimbe and synephrine-have both been linked to health risks, especially in users who already have a history of heart or blood pressure problems. In general, we look for diet supplements that do not contain risky ingredients, and the inclusion of those two would rule out Adipokinetix.

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    Barb Edwards

    I took Adipokentix 5 yrs ago, took it for 6 months.lost 40 lbs.