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Adipren is a weight loss product that often appears in email advertisements. There is no official website for the product, but screenshots of a website that once existed show one main ingredient. Adipren may be the same supplement as Medipren because the two websites looked exactly the same and neither is now live online. Medipren stated Ephedra as being the main ingredient.

List of Ingredients

NePirem Clinicia.

Product Features

We looked all over the Internet for information on Adipren and no official information on the manufacturer or product could be found. We did find several reports on the product and screenshots of the official website that is no longer available. The screenshots show the main ingredient as NePirem Clinicia and mentions the NePirem Clinicia Process as being a thermogenic fat loss diet.

There is no information on NePirem Clinicia so we have no idea what ingredient the company was using for fat burning and weight loss, but the NePirem Clinicia Process is a clear take-off of the Atkins Low Carb Diet. On the screenshot the diet is explained as having three stages – Induction, On-going Weight Loss and Maintenance. These are the same stages Atkins uses in every publication from the first in the early 1970s.

A sister website Medipren lists Ephedra as the main ingredient but the ingredient listed under the product name is NePirem Clinicia again. The two websites are exactly the same aside from the product name. We are leery of any company that lists Ephedra as the main ingredient and manages to steal a diet from another company and claim it as its own.

There is a third reason to be highly concerned about Adipren. The name of the product is clearly taken from Adiprex, a prescription weight loss drug. The website screenshot shows claims like “no prescription required” and “no appointment needed”. These are clear signs that the supplement is trying to convince dieters that the supplement is actually a drug and not a natural product.

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  • None.


  • Adipren plays off the name Adiprex.
  • The NiPirem Clinicia Process is the Atkins Diet.
  • The ingredient, NiPirem Clinicia is unknown.


There are a lot of weight loss supplements out there with ineffective ingredients and fat burners that burn no fat, but this product is worse than any of those supplements. Adipren is not a prescription product as alluded to on the website. The main ingredient is unknown and the company stole the Atkins Diet and posted the stages on the website as the official diet to use with the supplement. Atkins does work to increase fat loss, but that does not give any company the right to steal the stages. We do not think this product could be safe for use by dieters.

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    I have a bottle of it in my hand It says ¨More powerful than other ephedra free products¨The list of ingredients are natural. It does contain caffeine