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Founded in 1998, All Pro is a company that specializes in the production of body building, weight adjustable, and other exercise products. They manufacture a variety of products from thigh weights, ankle weights, to weighted vests and even weighted apparel that can be worn in the water. The company’s slogan is “Trim it. Firm it. Shape it,” emphasizing that their products are used to tone and form various parts of the body. Many fitness and exercise experts agree that toning the inner and outer thighs are often the most difficult to achieve. The All Pro Adjustable Thigh Weights strive to solve such problems.


Product Features

All Pro’s Adjustable Thigh Weights, are, as its name implies, weights that wrap around the thigh used to develop and tone them. The Thigh Weights come in one size that is adjustable to each individual’s thigh width. In addition, weights within the fabric can be increased or decreased in half-pound increments according to one’s desire or skill. Each weight can be increased up to three pounds. The product utilizes neoprene, a type of synthetic rubber, which prevents slipping during use and exercise as stated by the All Pro company itself. The neoprene also creates “smooth friction free comfort” making the use of Adjustable Thigh Weights a comfortable experience. Weights are kept secure on the product with the use of cushion flaps that also protect the thighs from the weights themselves. Movement and flexibility is also attained due to an “exclusive design” which places the weights away from the inner thighs. The product sells for about $30 around various internet shops. The company sells its products directly through other stores, and links can be found through their website.


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  • Product is available through many sites online.
  • Amount of weight and size can be adjusted as needed
  • Product lacks any chemicals or drugs.
  • Adjustability and range of sizes ensures comfort over a wide range of body types.
  • Instructions and maximum allowable weights are included in complete package.



  • Results could be faster compared to other products targeting thigh development .>
  • It is possible that the material could tear after excessive or abusive use.



The All Pro Adjustable Thigh Weights provide an easy way to tone thighs no matter where you are. The fact that they are “one size fits all” allows it to be used by multiple people – like in a family setting – so they can all achieve the same results. Since weights can be adjusted so easily, it is simple to change pressure on one’s thighs often. Due to the three pound maximum on each leg, this also provides the user the chance to wear them even while just walking around the house. One drawback is that users could become unsatisfied with the speed of results. Excessive or inappropriate use could possibly tear the material, rendering the product completely useless.

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    I have thigh weights and want to know the correct way of using them. How far above the knee? I am 58 yr. old female in good shape. Looking to tone. I have had some nerve damage at L2-3 which is not a problem at this time.