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What You Should Know

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Adrenalean by Designer Supplements is for competitive athletes and “the average individual aiming to shed some pounds”. The Adrenalean website claims that its ingredients focus on synergizing two distinct blends known as Euphroamine and EvoSyn. Euphroamine includes a brand new ingredient called Arecoline which promises to swiftly increase your energy and reduce your appetite. Designer Supplements claim Adrenalean is the greatest fat burner available to date. It promises “clear” workouts, increased energy expenditure, a controlled appetite, a faster metabolism, an elevated mood, and weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Euphoramine Proprietary Blend: Phenylethylamine, Quercetin, Hordenine, Methylaricaiden, L-Huperzine A.
EvoSyn Proprietary Blend: Caffeine Anhydrous, Evodiamine, Synephrine HCL.

Product Features

Arecoline is the ingredient Designer Supplements lists as the major stimulant of the Euphroamine blend. It is found in the areca nut which in some Asian cultures is chewed as a stimulant. Arecoline stimulates similarly to nicotine which has a similar chemical structure. Arecoline has been suggested as a treatment of Alzheimer’s disease yet hasn’t been recommended as a weight loss tool. In Adrenalean, this ingredient is combined with PEA and hordenine which is supposed to enhance your mood. PEA is a “feel-good” neuro-transmitter in the brain. Its oral bioavailability is very poor because an enzyme rapidly breaks it down. L-Huperzine A is included for it “cholinergic effects”, which often involves stimulating muscle. However, L-Huperzine A is more commonly used to boost memory. The website claims Quercetin prolongs the duration of fat burning. Some studies suggest that Quercetin can reduce the risk of some cancers but there are no studies suggesting that it has any benefits related to weight loss. The EvoSyn blend in Adrenalean combines evodiamine, synephrine and caffeine. Designer Supplements claim evodiamine “ramps up thermogenesis rapidly”. Synephrine, also known as Bitter Orange, is a popular alternative to the illegal substance ephedrine. It is a stimulant similar to caffeine: it boosts energy, suppresses the appetite, and increases the metabolic rate, and caloric expenditure. There is no credible scientific evidence backing the claim that Synephrine is beneficial to weight loss. The amount of Caffeine this product contains is enough to give you the jitters.

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  • Customer satisfaction is above average.
  • Affordable – $25 for 120 capsules at 3 capsules twice a day.


  • Ingredients lack scientific proof.
  • Can cause nausea.
  • Must be taken 6 hours before sleep.


Adrenalean’s website claims that each ingredient has been significantly research despite their lack of references. The product’s promotions make it seem incredibly innovative yet this product is not much different from most weight loss products out there.

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