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It can take some time sifting through the numerous Acai-based supplements on the market today. Many of which are claimed to assist with weight loss. Advanced Acai is no different. It is a dietary supplement developed by Bryant Research, LLC, and it is said to help dieters by curbing hunger and burning fat. Sadly the official website for this product does not offer much information on Advanced Acai. One thing that is clear is that it can be acquired online for a small shipping/handling fee, but like most Acai-based supplements, a credit card number is required. This is typically not a good sign.

Unfortunately the only ingredient mentioned for Advanced Acai is Acai Berry Extract. This is a fruit extract that is rich in vitamin c, fiber, calcium, vitamin e and antioxidants. If you are not aware, Acai Berries are picked from the Amazon rainforests of Brazil. They are commonly praised for their high antioxidant levels and “cancer-fighting” abilities. Acai fruit may assist with digestive health, as well as strengthening the user’s immune system.

List of Ingredients

Not provided on the official website.

Product Features

Advanced Acai is a diet formula that is claimed to help users burn away unwanted body fat, suppress hunger pangs, and heighten energy levels. As you may know, these are common claims about most Acai-based dietary supplements. Users are directed to take Advanced Acai daily, but with no specific diet or fitness routine. Unfortunately there is no actual price given for this product on the official website. However, dieters are able to receive a 30-day trial of Advanced Acai for a mere $4.95. This allows you to try the supplement out, and then determine whether or not it works for you. No adverse side effects are mentioned at all for this product. Furthermore, there are no testimonials posted on the main website to support it.

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  • This weight loss pill contains antioxidants.
  • Advanced Acai offers fiber, which is good for the digestive tract.


  • There are some complaints and warnings posted online for Advanced Acai.
  • The full list of ingredients that pertain to this formula are unknown.
  • There are no testimonials posted on the primary website for Advanced Acai.
  • Those who order the “free trial” for $4.95 are later charged $69.99 for the product (and so on every month until it is canceled).


First and foremost, it is imperative to note the fact that customers are charged a $69.99 fee one month after receiving their “free” bottle of Advanced Acai. Furthermore, these charges will happen over and over, every month, until the purchase is canceled. While Advanced Acai may have some nutritional value, there is no reason to believe that it truly aids with long-term weight loss. Lastly, it is not worth the hassle of getting charged every month for a product you may or may not want to continue using/receiving.

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