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What You Should Know

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Advanced Fitness is a distributor of exercize equipment such as treadmills, home gyms, elliptical trainers and bikes. Advanced Fitness has been selling their products via the internet since 1997 and they have been in business longer than that. In addition to the web-based business model, they have a corporate headquarters and two national warehouses. Currently, internet sales count for 85% of their total revenue.

To overcome national restrictions on similar equipment, Advanced Fitness set out to design its very own model of treadmill that would not be subject to the regional limitations placed on dealers and manufacturers. Advanced Fitness claims that one buys the product directly from the factory! A marketing model growing in popularity. The famous; Cutting out the Middle Man. And since the products execution, it seems to have been well received by athletes from around the world and also every-day consumers just looking to get back into shape. The company targets athletes of all training levels, people who already have experience in work out and home-gym equipment and the company is there for newcomers to the scene.

Product Features

Advanced Fitness has launched numerous products since the execution of its famous treadmill. Its unique patent was rated one of the top-ten treadmills in America by Runner’s Magazine. Their brand is called Smooth. And since their initial success, Advanced Fitness had extended the Smooth brand to include exercise bikes and elliptical trainers. Advanced Fitness is also very sensitive to customers’ needs due to the intangibility of internet shopping. To compensate for this, Advanced Fitness products are backed with a one-year in-house repair warranty. And if you are not totally satisfied with their product, it is backed with a 100% money-back guarantee!

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  • Available on manufacturer’s website.
  • Prices include shipping and handling.
  • Adjustability and range of sizes ensures comfort over a wide range of body types.
  • There are similar products available from the same company with different prices and purposes.


  • No easy access to other customer reviews.
  • Reletively little product information on official site.
  • .Not available to from a wide range of retailers online or offline.


All in all, Advanced Fitness products would make a good addition to the home gym of any athlete or novice or anyone who just wants a healthy holistic lifestyle They would form part of a balanced exercise regimen, and aid in speedy fitness. However, like any exercise equipment, Advanced Fitness products should not be used to facilitate over-exertion. In addition, Advanced Fitness can be used in complementary to any exercise machine. Advanced Fitness are fully customizable and are available in a wide variety of models; the company offers to work with clients to develop products specific to individual needs. However, despite this flexibility, the fact that Advanced Fitness products are difficult to locate for sale except on the official website, may make them hard to purchase for some.

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