Advanced Lipotropic Blend Review

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What You Should Know

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Parillo Advanced Lipotropic Blend claims to support advanced fat burning with ingredients that mobilize fat. Weight loss supplements make all kinds of claims, but it is the ingredient list and clinical studies that prove or disprove those claims. The official Parillo website is a bit difficult to navigate and there are no clinical studies listed for the Advanced Lipotropic Blend. We noticed no testimonials or free trials on the website. If there is a money-back guarantee, we did not easily find it from the product description page. Dieters can purchase Advanced Lipotropic Blend from the official Parillo website for $30.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Choline Bitartrate, Inositol, L-Methionine, L-Carnitine, Chromium, Betaine HCL and Pancreatin.

Product Features

The product description for Parillo Advanced Lipotropic Blend refers to the “ripped” look bodybuilders must achieve for competition. The product ingredient list does not include any ingredients that are typically associated with bodybuilding, so it could be used by anyone wishing to lose weight. Unfortunately, there are only a few ingredients that will even slightly aid in weight loss.

Vitamins B6 and B12 are commonly used as natural energy boosters. B vitamins quickly wash out of the body via urination and only last a few hours. Supplements containing B vitamins must be taken frequently to maintain increased energy. Parillo Advanced Lipotropic Blend is typically taken three times a day which could be just enough to maintain healthy B vitamin levels.

Chromium is the only other proven ingredient in the supplement. Chromium is often sued by diabetics who want to naturally control blood glucose levels in the body. When blood glucose is in control, dieters may feel less hungry between meals.

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  • B vitamins may increase energy for a short time.
  • Chromium is a commonly used and trusted weight loss ingredient.
  • Online ordering supported.


  • No clinical trials listed to support supplement claims.
  • The supplement does not include fat burners for increased energy and increased metabolism.
  • No free trial of the supplement is available.
  • There is no money-back guarantee.


Dieters will not likely see any weight loss benefits from Advanced Lipotropic Blend from Parillo. The company has a good start, but all the right ingredients are not in place to promote weight loss. The appetite suppressant Chromium is a great start, but a fat burner of some sort is needed to boost metabolism for weight loss. Green tea or caffeine could be a great addition to this product. The bodybuilding claims of becoming “ripped” before a competition by taking this product are silly, at best. There are many other bodybuilding supplements with effective ingredients that will help the athlete achieve that cut-up look they are looking for in competition.

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