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What You Should Know

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Advanced Muscle Science is a company that offers a range of nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids. Their product is basically various types of steroids, as they emphasize the legality of their operation and product on their website due to the sensitivity of their market. However a history of the company and credentials is quite weak on their official website. The Advanced Muscle Science slogan is “Learn – Apply – Grow,” and their products are designed to help athletes manage grow more muscle in a customizable way. They feature products from Pro-Anabolic Supplements (i.e. male testosterone steroid) to diet and fat burner supplements.

Their products target athletes of all levels, from individuals just beginning a comprehensive workout regimen, to professional athletes. Advanced Muscle Science products are advertised as innovative; supporting that claim is the fact that many of their items are patented. Advanced Muscle Science has won the Body Building New Brand award of excellence in 2007 and another in 2009.

Product Features

The products available through Advanced Muscle Science have a wide range of affects to the body, but they are all used the same way. All products are a regiment of capsules taken orally but each product does have different doses and number of doses. One thing that makes Active Muscle Science products unique is that they are not afraid of the steroid debate, they state clearly on their site that they only use legal chemicals in their products, no beating around the bush.

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  • Available on manufacturers website.
  • The website is easy to navigate and ordering the product is relatively straight forward.
  • Competitive prices.
  • A large inventory of products to cater to numerous individual customer needs and bodily desires.


  • The company lacks in a easy way to contact them. Only an email via the website is possible.
  • Steroid treatments are known to be potentially harmful to various parts of the body.
  • Not available from a wide range of retailers, online or offline.


Advanced Muscle Science products would make a good addition to the gym bag of any athlete that regularly trains and is used to such drugs and has a full and conscious understanding of what steroids are and their adverse effects. They would form part of a balanced exercise regimen. However, like any treatment, Advanced Muscle Science should not be used to facilitate over-exertion. In addition, Advanced Muscle Science cannot be used in conjunction with other products of similar nature. Advanced Muscle Science products are fully customizable to individual specifications; the company offers to work with clients to develop products specific to individual needs. However, despite this flexibility, the fact that Advanced Muscle Science products are difficult to locate for sale except on the official website, may make them hard to purchase for some.

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