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Advanced Nutritional Innovations is a company that develops and markets a range of nutritional supplements. Their product is various types of stress deterrents. The company has not been around for very long on the market, but the wide availability of the product suggests at a growing clientele. The Advanced Nutritional Innovation slogan is “Fight aging. Restore youthful vitality. Restore energy.” and their products are designed to help anyone remove stress from their life.

Their products target anyone. There seems to be no age restriction or gender restriction. Interestingly, this product has little to do with exercise or dietary needs. It is simply a relaxant or suppressant, almost functioning in a similar way to an herbal remedy. Advanced Nutritional are not advertised in any particular way that distinguishes it from other relaxants or suppressants, such as allergy medicine or organic / herbal remedies. Often medication that is normally used in the treatment of allergies will be prescribed in very small doses to treat stress or anxiety. Much in the same way that the active ingredient in Benedryll is used in many anti-itch solutions available over the counter. .

Product Features

Advanced Nutritional Innovations’ primary product is what is called CALMadvantage. Once purchased online from numerous site, such as Amazon, the product contains 60 capsules. It is not made clear the length of time this is meant to last a user. The serving size is one capsule, but in an advertisement, they say that the 60-capsule version is merely a 10-day supply. The ingredients are minimal, which is a positive attribute to the product in that there are no fillers. Each capsule contains 5-Hydroxytrptophan, L-Theanine, Methylsulfonylmethane, and the obvious gelatin capsule in which the active ingredients are enclosed.

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  • Available on manufacturers website.
  • Available on numerous other websites.
  • Competitive prices.
  • .


  • The company lacks in a easy way to contact them. Only an email via the website is possible and a phone number.
  • Main website is difficult to navigate.
  • Small product inventory.


Advanced Nutritional Innovations’ products would make a good addition to the gym bag of any athlete or novice or anyone who just wants a healthy holistic lifestyle. They would form part of a balanced exercise regimen, and aid in speedy fitness. However, like any supressant, Advanced Nutritional Innovations’ products should not be used to facilitate over-exertion, AND one must be careful not to become dependent on them as a sleep aid, etc. In addition, Advanced Nutritional Innovations products can be used in complementary to any vitamin supplement and there seems to be no warning against mixing it with alcohol or other drugs. The company offers to work with clients to develop products specific to individual needs.

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