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Advaslim, by Nutrica, is an herbal weight loss formula that uses natural ingredients to produce a thermogenic effect and suppress the appetite. Theactive ingredients are Chitosan from shellfish, Commiphora mukul, and calcium Pyruvate. This product prides itself on not using ephedra-like stimulants that can cause nervousness or jitters. Nutrica is an Asian nutrition and herbal supplement company that manufactures their products under the same standards as a pharmaceutical company.

List of Ingredients

Chitosan, Calcium Pyruvate, and Commiphora Mukul extract.

Product Features

Advaslim claims to use a triple weight loss action to allow you to eat less, speed up your metabolism, and balance your cholesterol levels. The ingredient chitosan comes from shellfish and has been clinically proven to reduce ones fat intake. The way it works is simple: Chitosan expands in your stomach when combined with acids and binds to the fat cells you digest. Chitosan cannot be digested so any fat cells that bind to it vanish when chitosan leaves your system. Calcium Pyruvate is a carbohydrate that has been proven to speed up your metabolism. It also increases endurance during workouts. Commiphora Mukul extract uses gugulipids to balance cholesterol.

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  • Website does not contain confusing science like most supplements’ sites.
  • Website contains clinical studies.
  • Can return bottle within 60 days for a full refund.
  • Free bottle when you sign up for the “Optimal Program” (3 capsules 3x daily for $84).
    Free Shipping.


  • Cannot take Advaslim if you allergic to shellfish or are Jewish.
  • Cannot be taken at the same time as vitamins, fatty acids, and medications.


Advaslim is a great substitute for weight loss supplements that contain stimulants with negative side effects. features 17 worldwide clinical studies suggesting that the ingredients in Advaslim are effective at burning fat, balancing cholesterol, and increasing energy levels. These studies all show up on medical journal websites and university pages even though Advaslim’s page does not provide a link for them. If you are not allergic to shellfish and you are looking to lose weight, this product is worth bringing to your physician’s attention. The ingredients of Advaslim are innovative and are a safe solution to helping promote thermogenesis and cholesterol balancing.

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