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Aegis is a liver support supplement from the same company that delivered Ultradrol and Trenazone – prohormones. All bodybuilders considering running a prohormone need to look into a good liver support supplement. Aegis is for liver support. Many prohormones are toxic to the liver over time. Most must be cycled with liver support and other supportive supplements every four to eight weeks to prevent long-term damage. The two ingredients in Aegis are both associated with positive impact on liver health.

The dieter who’s taking a fat burner to lose weight is not going to need liver support. This supplement is designed for use with prohormones or other liver toxic supplements, not diet pills. Taking liver support when it is not needed is not necessarily unhealthy, but it is a waste of money.

List of Ingredients


  • Tauroursodeoxycholic
  • Polyenylphosphatidylcholine
  • Vitamin B6

Product Features

Tauroursodeoxycholic, also known as TUDCA, is commonly used to treat cirrhosis of the liver. The Food and Drug Administration approved TUDCA (or UDCA) for use as a treatment for biliary cirrhosis, to be exact. It is also though that TUDCA could offer support for eye health. Polyenylphosphatidylcholine, or PPC, is also considered effective at supporting liver health.

While there is support for both the ingredients in Aegis, none of the support is mentioned in the product description for the supplement. The description is literally less than five sentences long. It only mentions that the ingredients are good for liver support with a brief bit about why Aegis is stronger than other liver support supplements.

We found one review of the supplement from a bodybuilder running a prohormone cycle. The bodybuilder claims to have found information on the supplement from a bodybuilding forum, which is where many of the supplement suggestions are found.

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  • Contains two common and effective liver support ingredients.
  • May protect the liver from damage caused by prohormones.


  • Dieters don’t need liver support.
  • Designed for a bodybuilder, not a dieter.
  • Even though there is support, none is listed in the product description.
  • There are very few reviews of Aegis.
  • Bodybuilders should not use prohormones without detailed knowledge about how they work and how to cycle with liver support like Aegis.


Aegis is a strong choice in liver support, but we could not find a lot of information on the supplement. Some bodybuilders appear to show support for the supplement, according to one comment left by a user that found Aegis in a bodybuilding forum. This product is not for dieters and it will not help a dieter lose weight.

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