African Mango Extreme Detox Review

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Is it safe to “cleanse” your digestive tract? As you may have noticed, many supplement companies are pushing this nowadays. They claim that most people have all sorts of built-up waste, toxins, and impurities in the colon and digestive system overall. Therefore it is important to flush the intestinal tract, and clear out the build up. Well, some health care experts state that doing this with supplements can cause an imbalance in good and bad bacteria. In this piece, we will look at a product called African Mango Extreme Detox, which is supposed to assist with internal cleansing and weight loss.


  • African Mango Extract
  • Acai Berry Extract
  • Resveratrol
  • Senna Leaf
  • Cascara Sagrada

Product Features

African Mango Extreme Detox is one of many “detoxification” supplements sold online. It is not approved by the FDA, but is claimed to be completely safe. It contains natural ingredients that are supposed to increase regularity, so that any built-up waste in the colon is flushed out. At the same time, this supplement may help initiate fat loss. However, you should be aware that supplements like African Mango Extreme Detox can cause abdominal pains and diarrhea.

There are a few key ingredients mentioned for African Mango Extreme Detox. These include African Mango Extract (this natural fruit extract may aid with weight loss), Acai Berry Extract (contains antioxidants and fiber to improve overall health), Resveratrol (aids with heart health), Senna Leaf (this stimulates bowel movements), and Cascara Sagrada (assists with regularity). There were no success stories found to back up the claims made about African Mango Extreme Detox and weight loss. There is no 100% satisfaction guarantee offered with this weight loss supplement.

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  • There are natural fruit extracts used in African Mango Extreme Detox.
  • This supplement formula contains antioxidants.
  • This product may help increase regularity.


  • There is no clinical proof that this supplement causes fat loss.
  • Some people may experience diarrhea and abdominal pains when using this formula.
  • This type of “cleanser” might upset the natural balance in your digestive tract.
  • African Mango Extreme Detox does not suppress appetite.
  • No price was found for this supplement formula.


All in all, African Mango Extreme Detox is just one of countless detoxification supplements that are claimed to cleanse your body, and assist you with weight loss. However, all this supplement will likely do is encourage regularity, and provide you with some antioxidants. Unfortunately there were no user success stories found to support this product, and there is no clinical evidence that suggests this supplement causes fat loss. You should also keep in mind that African Mango Extreme Detox may lead to diarrhea and abdominal pains in some users.

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