African Mango Supplement Reviews

African Mango is a popular dietary supplement that many call a “breakthrough’ in the weight loss industry. The tropical rainforest of African and Southeast Asia is home to this fruit, and although the fruit is nutritious, the mango is more prized for its core, which the natives call ogbono. The extract derived from the core of the African Mango or Irvingia gabonensis, claims to have been clinically proven to hinder fat production by affectation on certain enzymes and genes in the human body that regulate metabolism. This supplement is also supposed to be able to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol, and lower blood sugar levels.

Another way that African Mango is supposed to be good for you is that it acts like a super-fiber—binding cholesterol and removing it from the body before it can be absorbed. Some claim it also significantly reduces inflammation. Further studies have also shown that it may trigger the brain to suppress the appetite. Leptin, which is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that controls the appetite, is triggered by African Mango and reverses the effects of high levels of C-reactive protein (CPR) which lessens the overall effectiveness of leptin.

Many times African Mango is used in conjunction with other powerful superfruits, such as acai berry to power-pack the potency of this supplement. This extract can be purchased as a tea, or in capsule form, as well as tablets and drops. Many people are claiming to lose large amounts of weight in a relatively short period time with this all-natural African Mango supplement.

Best African Mango Supplement Reviews