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There is nothing spectacular about agmatine powder for the dieter, but there could be something special for the bodybuilder. Agmatine is directly related to arginine and arginine is one of those bodybuilding supplement ingredients that companies put in everything from muscle recovery drinks to preworkout shake mixes. Clinical studies have been completed on the supplement, but the results are not deemed any more effective than arginine. There was a huge push for an effective replacement for MAN Blueprint, which contained agmatine powder, when Prometheus Rising replaced Blueprint. That push, however, affected only a small number of bodybuilders.

There are no known benefits associated with taking agmatine powder for weight loss. The supplement will not increase metabolism or help fight off cravings. This supplement is purely designed for the bodybuilder, not the dieter.

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  • Agmatine Powder

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There are multiple sources of agmatine powder, including combination supplements for bodybuilding, powder supplements that can be added to protein powder or creatine powder and tablet supplements. Some bodybuilders claim the company behind the agmatine supplement is just as important as the supplement itself. This company is more effective than that company – but again these are just individual claims from individual bodybuilders.

Clinical research and support for agmatine powder does exist, but not in the bodybuilding field. We found clinical testing supporting pain reduction with agmatine use, but some bodybuilders claimed improved sleep and sexual performance. We did find a small amount of information on the neuroprotective qualities of agmatine, there is no mention of sexual benefits or improved sleep.

In a brief search through trusted supplement companies, we found few supplements that actually contained agmatine powder in place of or in addition to arginine.

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  • Agmatine powder is available from multiple trusted supplement companies.
  • May reduce pain.
  • Clinical studies prove the supplement is generally considered safe.


  • May not have the positive benefits claimed by bodybuilders.
  • Not designed to improve muscle growth, sleep or sexual performance, as claimed.
  • Will not impact weight loss or metabolism.


Agmatine powder is just another ingredient in the long list of bodybuilding ingredients that has some unexplained power. We like the fact that research has been completed on the powder and agmatine is naturally occurring in the body, but that doesn’t mean supplementing more will increase the positive benefits associated with the substance. We are not sold on the claim that agmatine powder will have any positive benefit for the bodybuilder.

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