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Air Climber is a “As-Seen-On-TV” workout device that claims to offer a full cardio and strengthening workout simply by harnessing the power of air. The device contains two steps which are pressed down against the force of air contained inside the device, and two movable cables are used to pull for arm workouts. It also comes with a video workout guided by Brenda Dygraf, the United States Aerobic Champion. All of the equipment computes to $99.99 per set, and it is only purchasable through the official product website. Claiming to be easy and claiming to help dieters lose 10lbs within 10 days of use, this appears to be a simple device that caters to the beginning exerciser who wants to see quick, fast results without putting in extra effort.

Although Air Climber claims to offer quick results simply by using the device, many consumers are reporting dissimilar results. Due to these bad reviews, Air Climber is currently being featured on some scam websites because of the lack of results. For Air Climber, this is not good news. AT this time, the manufacturers of this product currently fails to back up any claims it makes about its unique device on the official website.

Product Features

The Air Climber features a board with two air-filled steps, cable bars for arm support, and a small timer to time the workout. Also included is a personal training DVD guided by Air Climber’s spokesperson and United States Aerobic Champion Brenda Dygraf. There does not appear to be any modules that increase the difficulty of the workout. The workout is simple as well — press down on the air-filled steps to supposedly stimulate a grueling cardio workout while working out the legs and abdomen. Combine it with the cable bars for a full arm workout as well — or so Dygraf says. Consumers report that this workout is simple to complete, even for beginners, but the lack of challenge with the workout itself is an issue. Another issue is that consumers are reporting little results, and the stepping board provides little resistance. Furthermore, they are not reporting the “guaranteed’ promise of 10lbs within 10 days, which is leading to its reports on scam websites. For the experienced exerciser, it does not appear it may contain enough modules to challenge the body, but may provide a simple workout for those just beginning a new diet or fitness regimen.

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  • Is said to be a very easy workout to learn.
  • May be favored at beginning fitness levels because of the easiness of the device.


  • Dieters say it does provide a challenging workout.
  • Does not explain how the device works to challenge the muscles by harnessing “air”.
  • May be expensive for some consumers.
  • May be difficult to assemble. (See reader comments.)


Air Climber appears to be made for easy fitness levels and may interest dieters at those fitness levels. For more challenging cardio support, there may be other programs more suited to those needs. Nevertheless, this unique device seems to be popular with dieters.

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33 User Reviews about AirClimber

  • 1

    I got severe eye injury when band snapped up from under air climber as I was looking down at the digital display. The resistance tube came out of the channel under the unit when it lifted from my weight being too far back on the pedals and the upward pull of the resistance tube.


  • 2

    What is the weight limit?


  • 3

    Equipment is very good, if used properly. Just bought another unit online. However, I believe it is proper to alert you folks that the item I received did not meet with my expectations in so many ways.

    For one, I did not receive the exercise ropes that came with the earlier
    model I purchased over 2 years ago. Noticed that the grooves for these
    ropes are visible though; so what’s with that?

    Secondly, there is no gauge on the unit to help me monitor my vitals as was
    on the earlier model. One would think that a more recent model would be
    perfected with additional components. Quite disappointing.

    Ordinarily, I would return the item, but it already cost so much to receive
    it here in Canada coupled with the fact that I was definitely ripped off
    this time around. I am stuck with an unpleasant item.

    For the records, this was a very disappointing experience; and every time I
    use/see the apparatus, I am reminded of how much of a let down the customer service is.


  • 4

    I absolutely love my Air Climber. When I first got it I could not even finish the first work out without stopping occasionally on resistance level 1. Now I can do all 4 workouts in a row and I usually use resistance levels 3-4. Its fun and I feel like I’m getting a good workout. Also I use it without the DVD. I will watch my tv shows while I’m pumping away on the Air Climber. Perfect workout for me. Lost 15 pounds so far and once I get my diet more under control I know it will be more :)


  • 5

    I have problems with knees (Desgaste de rotul
    a)can I use this technology?


  • 6

    I barely bought it 6 days ago. Im on the beginners level and so far I like the convinience of this machine not taking too much space.


  • 7
    Helena Tan

    What can I do we my air climber when there
    is a leak air when I step on it. Does my
    air climber spoilt cannot be use anymore.





  • 8

    When I first received the product, I did not hear the air by stepping on it. After a week or so, the (air)noise from the pedals are driving me crazy. What is wrong & how can I stop this noise?



    Can’t stop the air flow of noise, its part of the machine. I just put on head phones and put on my Wii fit walking game. lol


  • 9

    Hi I have the aircliber but every 5 minuts of my step i need again to charge the air, i mean i do step but every 5 minuts i have to charge the air (pushing the button) otherwise it s not pratically working . Is it normal or they sold me a bad airclimber?


    Your Name

    Yes because i bought mine at target and it works perfectly fine nothing wrong now about the noice i mean its normal every workout machine makes some type of noise it can be ignored with some earbuds and loud music :) great weight loss product!


  • 10
    Robert Quick

    I was sent the airclimber broken so it has never been tried and no one will call me or give me the address so I can return this defected airclimber. I got the shippment on friday 1/14/2011 and called 1/15/2011 at 9:05am and again on 1/15/2011 at 3:00pm and I gave them my email address so that they could send me the address to return this broken airclimber and no one sent an address so I guess they have just taken my money?


  • 11
    Amanda Wynne

    What kind of battery does the air climber take to work the calorie counter and the heart rate?


  • 12

    i first seen the ad about 5 months ago and it looks like it really work and its diffrent i will receive mines on christmas but im having second thoughts b/c it looks like a big peice of plastic junk will this work for me and i dont see how my stomach is getting exercised please someone tell me if this will meet my high standards for this plastic product!!


  • 13

    I have been following Commando for some time and from the fence and have tried some of the exercises. They seem like a good fit for me and are quite challenging, and I think I am ready to purchase one program or the other (e.g TF Commando or the newer TF Warrior). I wondered if you would please comment on any differences. I am interested in some aspects of both programs. How are they different? My interest is for general fitness and martial arts.

    Appreciate whatever comments you can offer, and thanks for such extensive reviews.

    Happy Holidays


  • 14

    I just purchased the AirClimber and I am hopeing for good results…I will keep you posted.


  • 15

    I just seen the ad on AirClimber I must say this looks very intresting. I can’t wait to buy it it. I’m looking forward into havin fun with it. I tried so hard going to the gym or fast for 7 days but I just get so lazy. But I hope this work because I would like to look sexy for the summer time lol.


  • 16
    Vera Assis

    Is the bodycord latex-free?


  • 17
    mayra yepez

    i lost my dvd where can i get a new one


  • 18

    I just found the air climber at Goodwill marked down to $10 !!! It came with the bands but nothing to show about any exersises. Is there anywhere I can get this info?


  • 19

    I’m going to get one today….will post feedback once I try it. It looks fun.


  • 20

    I just purcahsed mine today and am very much looking forward to recieving it!


  • 21

    I love the air climber i do two work-outs, out of tthe 4 they provide in the video… it works for me.. its easy and a love that it doesn’t take out much space….


  • 22
    Marva Harris

    Are you joking? I bought the Air Climber to work out and have resistence built in, and I must say of all the equipment I have bought< I love doing it and I did lose 10 lbs. You cant comment or endorse a product if you dont, so you should try it and then comment. Best product on the market if you want a workout that will make you sweat. I do it 1 hour a day. Thank you Brenda for coming up with something i can stick to. I dont even put the cd in I just jump on and go for an hr its so easy to learn and do.


  • 23
    Iv Sim

    How and where to buy air climber when I am in Singapore?

    I have tried the airclimber website (never state shipping to singapore) and even go to ebay to seek seller but all of them do not ship out of USA or do not ship to SINGAPORE. I am very very very keen to have buy one, Can somebody help me?

    Please. Thanks



  • 24

    I got it on 22 march 2010 and when I opened the parcel I found that airclimber main unit is broken. I took the photos of it, and then contacted customer service immediately. They promised to replace it within 15 days but they have not contacted or did the replacement till now(May07, 2010). I’m very disappointed regarding its poor quality and poor service!


  • 25

    I plan on getting a mini stepper … would this be a good choice or is my best bet to stick to a regular one?


  • 26
    julie gabourel

    Is the airclimer for any size of person over 200 lbs.



    The weight limit is 300 pounds


  • 27
    Sudine Alston

    I bought an Air Climber & can’t get it inflated for use. How do I fix this?



    Press down on the black button between the two steps. If you press this down in the middle, it inflates the air climber. If you press down and turn left to right, it changes the resistance. Press down and turn it to the left for easier resistance, and down to the right for harder resistance. Hope this helps.


    exotic mamacita

    I love the air climber when i first bought it a month ago i noticed my clothes was fitting me loose and i lost 10 lbs. in 10 days and i do the whole entire video 5 days a week and so far i lost 25 lbs.