Ajinomoto Instantized BCAA Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Ajinomoto Instantized BCAAs are branch chain amino acids that instantly dissolve in water. Protein Factory claims counterfeit products are sold as instantized when they are really products of lesser quality. There is no reference to specific brands, which makes it hard for consumers to check out the product testimonials on other websites. There are no testimonials on Ajinomoto Instantized BCAAs. Three amino acids are packed into one supplement for optimal muscle growth and recovery. Protein Factory also claims the BCAA powder will increase exercise stamina. The long list of claims reads more like an advertisement than a product description and none of the claims is proven through scientific studies or clinical trials.

Protein Factory supports online ordering for all products. We could not find reference to a money-back guarantee or a free trial program. Dieters and bodybuilders can find a hundreds products making the same claims as Protein Factory’s Ajinomoto Instantized BCAAs, so there is nothing that makes this product stand out.

List of Ingredients

Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.

Product Features

There is no ingredient list for Ajinomoto Instantized BCAAs. There have to be other ingredients in the powder aside from BCAAs. It is important to know how much of each amino acid is included in the supplement. Each tsp weighs 5 grams, but that does not mean that serving provides 5 grams of amino acids. We do know the powder is created from two parts leucine, one part isoleucine and one part valine, but how much is in each part?

Protein Factory does not list any viable information on why amino acids are important to bodybuilding. Further research lead us to several sources that claim amino acids prevent muscle breakdown and improve muscle growth. None of this information was backed with clinical studies. We also found a suggested daily dose of BCAAs. The effective dose is listed as 3 grams to 6 grams per day. Again, we are left wondering how much BCAA is actually included in Ajinomoto Instantized BCAAs.

No matter how fast this powder dissolves in water or juice, if there are not enough of the amino acids to be effective, that benefit is useless.

Ajinomoto Instantized BCAAs sells for $29.99.

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  • Amino acids support muscle growth and prevent muscle loss.
  • Bodybuilders may need more amino acids.


  • No proper ingredient list.
  • No clinical support for product claims.


Amino acids are commonly consumed in food. This is especially true of branched chain amino acids. Food sources may provide enough amino acids for a dieter, but bodybuilding may require additional amino acid supplementation. Ajinomoto Instantized BCAAs may be a superior product, but Protein Factory does not sell the product with facts or customer testimonials.

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