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Ajinomoto L-Leucine claims to be a premium source of Leucine. Leucine is an essential amino acid. This means the body does not produce the amino acid; it must be consumed as part of the diet. Food sources of leucine include cottage cheese and lentils. Protein Factory does not reveal how much leucine is included in the supplement, but they do state the average male needs 14 mg per kilogram of body weight. One kilogram is equivalent to 2.2 pounds so a man weighing 200 pounds would need about 1400 mg of leucine. One cup of lentils provides 3,500 mg of leucine and lentils sell for less than $2.00 per bag containing at least 5 servings. Supplementing leucine with Ajinomoto L-Leucine is just an expensive way of consuming an amino acid.

Protein Factory sells products from the official website. There is no money-back guarantee, that we could easily find and consumers are not offered free trials to test out the Protein Factory products. There is a place for reviews or testimonials, but none is listed.

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Without an ingredient list, we have no idea what the source of leucine is in Ajinomoto L-Leucine. We do see a reference to 500 grams, but we have no idea what that weight reference means in regards to the supplement. There is no way the supplement supplies 500 grams of leucine, so we assume there are other ingredients that increase weight.

Leucine may be effective at reducing catabolic effects of bodybuilding. Catabolism occurs when muscles waste due to lack of protein. Leucine is also responsible for increasing glucose levels in the body, especially when taken with carbohydrates. Glucose is needed to move protein to muscles thus increasing the anti-catabolism effect. These facts are not listed on the Protein Factory description of Ajinomoto L-Leucine. In fact, few facts are listed about the amino acid at all.

Ajinomoto L-Leucine sells for $17.50 per container. We have no idea how large that container is or how many servings are contained within each order.

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  • Leucine may protect muscles during intense workouts.
  • Products are sold directly from the manufacturer.


  • Protein Factory does not offer free trials.
  • We could not find a money-back guarantee.
  • Lentils are a cheap source of leucine.


Leucine is essential for normal body function, but it is also commonly available in certain foods. Bodybuilders who want to increase essential amino acid intake can do so by consuming lean proteins like cottage cheese, chicken and lentils for a fraction of the cost of any leucine supplement. Most of the time, leucine is packaged with protein powders or sold as part of the branched chain amino acid trio, leucine, isoleucine and valine.

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