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The Al Roker Diet is based on the book Never Going Back. It tells his story of struggle with weight loss, even after having gastric bypass surgery. Most well known for his experience as a host on The Today Show, 10 years ago, he weighed 350 pounds. The bypass helped him lose 190 lbs, but he still had issues. The book outlines the plan he now uses to stay fit and trim.

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The Al Roker Diet involves a 28 day detox cleanse to jump start his diet and weight loss. He maintains that over the course of his four week cleanse, he lost 28 pounds—roughly one pound per day. These detoxes require him to eliminate caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy and gluten. He does shorter cleanses after events that cause him to eat too much. He follows a whole foods diet approach, where he focuses on a high protein diet, but keeps carbs low. He maintains a reasonable portion size and keeps his diet high in fruits and vegetables. He says that counting points or calories just didn’t work for him because he was so busy, but that everyone needs to know their weaknesses and have a plan in place for how to deal with it when presented with them. He exercises three days a week using the Slow Method program developed by Melissa Li. This method focuses on all strength training exercises in 20 second reps to push the muscles to exhaustion in under two minutes. The program is often used by those with disabilities and the elderly who need a lower weight program to use. Though it is not a detailed diet plan, the story about the personal struggle, along with the tips and other information can help people through their own weight loss battle.

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  • The Al Roker Diet is a healthy approach.
  • He is not a nutrition or medical expert.


  • The Al Roker Diet may be hard for some people to follow.
  • A whole foods diet can be restrictive.
  • Long term cleanses may result in rebound weight gain.
  • The cleanse is highly restrictive.
  • Doesn’t include a cardio routine for exercise.
  • This book is not a detailed diet plan.


The Al Roker Diet could result in long term weight loss if followed correctly,. However, if you were to resume a diet full of processed foods, it is likely you would see some rebound weight gain. If you elect to follow this approach without the detox phase, your weight loss results may be dramatically slower. For best results, we recommend you combine this approach with a cardiovascular routine, and use a clinically proven safe and effective appetite suppressant and/or fat burner to help increase your results compared to just diet and exercise alone.

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