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Alcahofa is the Spanish word for artichoke. The alcahofa diet claims to increase fat digestion and cause a diuretic reaction in the body. Diuretics tend to push more water out of the body with increased water intake. Diuretics have been linked to deaths in the fitness community and should be taken only with caution. Alcahofa comes with a suggested diet menu and supplement menu, though a bit different from typical western weight loss diets aimed at increasing fat loss.

List of Ingredients

Menus including artichokes at lunch and dinner.

Product Features

The typical daily menu on the alcahofa diet includes fruit and skim milk with coffee for breakfast, artichokes with rice for lunch and grilled or steamed artichokes for dinner. Supplements suggested with the diet include yogurt, cheese and a small amount of bread. There is no mention of straight protein in the alcahofa diet, though some fruits and vegetables contain a small amount of protein.

The official website for the artichoke diet does not appear to sell anything to the consumer. Instead, information is given on recipes and slimming products. Under the recipes section, several options are available for dieters following the alcahofa diet. These include artichokes with foie-gras, poached artichokes and baked artichokes with ham. This section of the website is the first to mention proteins of any sort as they are not listed as part of the typical diet.

There is also information on how the artichoke can help a dieter lose more weight. According to website literature, alcahofa is a low calorie food that promotes weight loss by decreasing digestion time, cleansing the liver and kidney and working against cellulite and fat absorption.

There are no references to scientific studies or clinical support for the alcahofa diet. We could find no references to artichokes promoting weight loss in any clinical literature.

The alcahofa diet is free and all information needed to follow the diet is published on the official website. As alcahofa is a Spanish word, websites offering information on the diet will need to be translated for dieters who cannot read Spanish.

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  • Artichokes, alcahofas, are low calorie foods.
  • Artichokes are high in vitamin C.
  • The diet is free to follow.
  • No extreme measures are required to lose weight on the alcahofa diet.


  • Not enough support for protein consumption.
  • Eating artichokes every day could grow boring.
  • No clinical research supporting the diet.


There is always room for a good, reduced calorie diet to help a dieter lose weight. Artichokes, or alcahofa, are a natural diuretic that can increase urination and cause dehydration when eaten as the primary food. This could lead to cramping and possibly negative health effects over time.

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