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The liquid serum Algoxyll is a weight loss supplement containing herbs and seaweed. The formula consists of 3 different herbs, 29 of which are “negative calorie” herbs. This product is available in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malta and Ireland. It is sold on for L18 or $31 per starter bottle.

List of Ingredients

A complete list of ingredients is not included on this products page. Seaweeds: Fucus, Chorella, Wakame. Herbs: Hou Tsiao, Kieou, Hou Tao.

Product Features

There is no scientific evidence linking any of the three seaweeds or herbs used in this product to weight loss. Wakame is supposed to have “negative calories”. Fucus is said to stabilize blood sugar levels. Hou Tsiao and Hou Tao are intended to breakdown fat in a similar way to Green Tea.

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  • Liquid serum allows for easy absorption.
  • Seaweed has health benefits.
  • This product is all natural.
  • Contains no powerful stimulants.


  • Full list of ingredients is not provided.
  • No dosage is recommended.
  • Product is expensive.


Algoxyll is intended to be used by itself, without the aid of any other fat burners, dieting, or exercise. Do not trust this claim. All weight loss programs require an effective amount of exercise and proper dieting in order to achieve the desired results.

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    sam fall

    Can algoxyll be taken if angina has been diagnosed?