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Aliten claims to offer a new and different approach to dieting. It is not a pill, fad or food supplement like many other products on the market today. Aliten is an all natural weight loss product and comes in the form of single serve small cups which contain an oat and palm combination. This combination is designed to reduce calorie intake by promoting fullness. The website claims that you may not have any hunger pangs for more than 8 hours. Clinical trials have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of this product and some of the results are listed on the website. Aliten is produced by Novogen Consumer Healthcare which is a part of the Australian company, Novogen Limited. Novogen Consumer Healthcare also offers other natural products to increase healthiness in individuals. Aliten is available for purchase online from the official product website. However after trying to access the online ordering page for pricing information several times, the link appears to be either broken or unable to open. The product is only available for purchase in stores in Australia.


Vegetable oil, oats and oat oil.

Product Features

Aliten is a natural product designed to help you lose weight by curbing your appetite and reducing hunger pangs which in turn reduces calorie intake. It comes in the form of small single serve cups containing an oat and palm combination. There are 19 calories in each cup and 4.2 grams of fat in a daily serving which is 2 cups. Of the 4.2 grams of fat less than 2 grams is saturated. The slogan on Aliten’s website says, “helps you eat less naturally”. If you need help staying on track and obtaining your weight loss goals, Aliten offers a personal motivator on the website to help you do so. You must register and log in to access this tool.

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  • Aliten is completely all natural.
  • Clinical trials have been conducted to prove effectiveness and results are listed on the Aliten website.
  • Aliten claims to be safe to take while on any diet plan and in fact says it can enhance your diet plan.
  • A personal motivator is offered on the website to help push you along to your weight loss goal.
  • As Aliten is all natural; no side effects have been recorded after using this product.


  • Aliten does not appear to offer any trials or money back guarantees.
  • The online ordering part of the website does not appear to function correctly.
  • Aliten is only available for purchase in stores in Australia.


Aliten appears to be an effective tool for obtaining weight loss goals and claims to do so naturally and without side effects. The personal motivator tool on the website can help you along if you are having trouble staying on track or reaching your weight loss goals. While Aliten seems to be a good way to lose weight naturally, it is only available in Australia which limits the individuals that can try it. Also, no money back guarantee is offered nor is a free trial. Aliten does offer multiple ways to contact them with questions about the product via their website.

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