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All American EFX began as All American Nutrition, a part of All American Pharmaceutical. In December of 1985 bodybuilder Jeff Golini started the company with the goal of having a successful supplement company of his own. He not only manufactured but also formulated every product he sold. After a rough start he finally began to see a surge in business. As he was trying to make a name for himself with his supplement company, he also created a number of products for other companies, which is how All American Pharmaceutical was born. In October of 2003, Brian Andrews and Jeff Golini got together and formed a new company solely to sell nutrition supplements. This is how All American Nutrition began. Jeff Golini developed a new technology called Kre-alkalyn EFX, a creatine technology. In 2004 the campaign for this technology was launched and has since grown 510% worldwide. With this exceptional success came a huge commitment from Jeff Golini, taking him from his company All American Pharmaceuticals which he still wanted to run and be a part of. Seeing an excellent opportunity, Brian Andrews along with his business partner Bruce Butterbredt bought All American Nutrition from Jeff Golini and renamed it All American EFX. Jeff Golini still works with All American EFX as the chief manufacturer and formulator. The goal of Brian Andrews and Bruce Butterbredt at All American EFX is this, “We want this to be the company we wish was around when we first started working out.”


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Product Features

All American EFX offers the following products: In the Flex Wheeler Signature Series there is Kre-Alkalyn EFX, Kre-Alkalyn EFX Pro, LG5 Pro, LBA Pro, Nytric EFX Pro and Cell Rush. In the Core Nutrition Series for Growth and Performance there is Kre-A-Fem, GT4 Elite, HBM Elite, ZMA Elite, V3 Vanadyl Elite and Tribulus Elite. In the Core Nutrition Series for Joint Flexibility and Health there is Kre-Celazine. In the Core Nutrition Series for Weight Loss and Energy there is Lean Fix and L-Carnitine Elite. In the Core Nutrition Series for Vitamins and Minerals there is V&M Elite and CMZ Elite. In the Core Nutrition Series for Protein there is NF Pro 100% Protein, IGF 33 and Soy Protein Elite.

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  • All American EFX offers a variety of products for individual needs.
  • All American EFX offers its products online, in local store and also internationally at various locations.
  • The scientific background of All American EFX product developers is outstanding.


  • All American EFX appears to offer products mainly only for bodybuilders.
  • There is no money back guarantee to be found for All American EFX products.


All American EFX is a company that offers a variety of products which appear mainly to be designed for bodybuilders and individuals who work out all the time with weights, etc. The scientific background of these products is impressive however if you are searching for products solely to help with weight loss these may not fit your needs as well as others.

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