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What You Should Know

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AllMax Nutrition tried very hard to sell supplements to customers based on marketing, but there is no proof products like All Max CLA 95 work to reduce weight. According to the product description, the supplement comes from 100% safflower oil. The same thing can be said for just about every other CLA supplement. When CLA as first released to the weight loss market there were some pretty fantastic weight loss stories associated with the product, but those claims are not proven with clinical research. CLA may help a fit person reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass, but the change is not going to be recognizable on the scale.

List of Ingredients


  • Clarinol A-95
  • 95% Conjugated Linoleic Acid (from safflower oil)
  • 50:50 Isomer Blend
  • Cis-9
  • Trans-11 Isomer
  • Trans-10
  • CIS-12 Isomer

Product Features

CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is clinically proven to reduce fat and increase lean muscle mass when taken regularly and paired with a fitness program. The supplement action is not in question, but the effect CLA has on the average dieter is. The average dieter does not work out on a regular basis. They are not at a normal body weight and are not considered athletic. Most clinical studies on products like AllMax CLA 95 are done on fit people with fitness or athletic backgrounds.

Yes, CLA will change the fat and muscle ratio of the body, but it will not increase weight loss. Ideally, the dieter must already be at a normal weight and be working out with weights and cardio fitness on a regular basis to see the effects of CLA 95. The effects are measureable in a lab, but not necessarily on the scale or to the naked eye.

All of the facts stated in the product description for AllMax CLA 95 are true, but the results on the average dieter are not discussed. If a dieter is looking to increase metabolism and shed tons of weight, CLA is not the ideal supplement. It will not increase fat burn or decrease hunger.

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  • Ingredients available on the website.
  • The product is available on the official website.
  • CLA is clinically proven to reduce fat and increase lean muscle.


  • Claims are not supported by scientific research.
  • The product does not contain ingredients that promote weight loss or body fat.


AllMax CLA 95 is one of those products that makes truthful claims but fails to reveal all of the information regarding weight loss and how the supplement will work for the average dieter. We’d love to tell the dieter that CLA is a game changer, but it’s not. There have been complaints of upset stomach, gas and bloating after taking CLA, but these side effects tend to disappear with regular use.

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    The CLA from allmax does work! I did lose weight and saw a loss in pant size as well. Combine it with other supplements and not just for diet reasons but for higher energy and better health and its an absolutely amazing combination. I recommend this product to everyone i know!